Analysis of Halo: Fracture’s “Oasis,” the Prequel to Halo: Envoy

Analysis of Halo: Fracture’s “Oasis,” the Prequel to Halo: Envoy

Author’s note: this essay was written before Halo: Envoy’s release and published before I read it, which is why the section discussing “Oasis” as a groundwork for the novel is so very short.

Jat’s was the worst death in all of Halo. It was a coldly cynical death. Empty and brutal.

And it was narratively perfect.

On three separate levels.

To begin with, I must accentuate the fact that Jat’s death is consistent within the confines of the short story “Oasis” itself. While the manner in which this simple act both follows up on threads and lays groundwork for future fiction is impressive, those are both secondary. As discussed in my last article, moments in stories need to work first in their own context before operating on a different layer, such as a reference, callback, cameo, etc. (Smoke and Shadow). Oasis” was not marketed as the opening chapter to Envoy or as part of a series. It was released in Halo: Fractures as a standalone short story. Therefore, Jat’s death needs to make sense without referring to outside media. And it does.

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Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – Shadow of Intent

Halo’s Place in Science Fiction – Shadow of Intent

Reading Journal Style

Discussing the style of Shadow of Intent could almost be a copy-paste of Contact Harvest’s breakdown. Staten’s cinematic flair, the introspective pace, the nuggets of foreshadowing, it’s all here. However, what stands out to me is how poetic and in-depth the novella is without having barely any fat to be trimmed, and I think the key to this is the ballad of Kel ‘Darsam.

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Halo 5: When Sanghelios Feels Like Home

Halo 5: When Sanghelios Feels Like Home

Here Be Halo 5 Spoilers – You Have Been Warned

It’s through Locke’s visor, watching Locke’s feet, by which I first land on Sanghelios’ soil. The water of the river rises past our calves and suddenly everything is familiar. I’m reminded of a creek that runs through Chester Bowl in Duluth, Minnesota, a short walk from my childhood house. The sounds of Locke and Osiris making their way through the river echoes memories of family. Brothers finding new ways to traverse rocks from one bank to another, a mother pulling back portions of the creek bed to discover something new, and a father standing at a waterfall’s edge to take in the view downstream. Immediately, Sanghelios feels like home.

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Elites Need to Return to Halo Multiplayer

OPINION: Elites Need to Return to Halo Multiplayer

DISCLAIMER: the opinions expressed in this article do not fully reflect those of the Halo Archive community.

Greetings nerds and primitives, you have stumbled upon something here written by yours truly, the third of well you know….


That’s right, I am the third Didact!

I have recently been recruited here to give you my thoughts on certain things of Halo, please note that my views are not considered factual and will be done constructively and with respect so nobody gets too butthurt.

Over the past several months since we have been informed about the release of Halo 5 Guardians, fans like you and me, depending on your taste…..have been wanting one of the most unique things about Halo back in the game.


Elites at Spire

Elites at Spire

Remember the glory days of Halo 2 where you could play the campaign from the Thel ‘Vadam’s perspective? Aya, we all enjoyed that, if you’re open to other species. In Halo 3 it was only available to you via multiplayer.

I can’t help but notice that 343i’s intention is to make Halo all about humanity whereas when Bungie was large and in charge, there was a little more species equality.

Now if you’re a Spartan fan, that’s fine, I will respect you. We all have our own tastes here.

Come Reach, there was a sign that Elites would be gone from existence in Halo’s multiplayer; that sign was that Elites were only playable to limited game modes and eventually come Halo 4, they are gone completely. For years since that very day, a large portion of fans in the community have the desire to play as their favourite split-jaws again.

As you can see, when we look back, the availability to play as the Sangheili decreases until eliminated. When The Master Chief Collection was released last year, fans got a chance to have full access to play as Elites again, in whatever multiplayer mode, except for Halo 4. That brought happiness to those who have made Sangheili clans and those who just prefer aliens over humanity. We had hoped it would return once again for a new Halo game but sadly the company doesn’t want to give that to us.

From the company’s perspective, they have a lot of ground to cover trying to make a release date in time. That is understandable, but for the fans, it’s not because if you’ve been waiting for years to have it back; it can be really disheartening when someone from the company says that there are no plans for Elites to return.

Basically, playable Elites have been a long time part of the Halo franchise, so eliminating it is taking away a big part of the community that grew up playing as them with their friends or in a public match. Taking it away can decrease the demand for the game from the Covenant fans.

Could they be in a DLC? Sure, I don’t see why not, that’s better than nothing, and it would be great to be able to choose what kind of Elite model from what game that you want be.

There’s also been a lot of beef over the fact that Halo 5 Guardians’ campaign will take you to Sanghelios. For hardcore Sangheili fans, it doesn’t really feel like the true experience if you are stepping onto the planet in the boots of a Spartan. That brings me to the case that Elites have lesser roles in the lore of the games now. In Halo 4 they were nothing but animals seen as objects to kill by Spartans and fans, except for Jul ‘Mdama and Gek ‘Lhar, who were the only Elites relevant to the post war story. We never get to explore their story anymore in the games.

Finally, one more point about why Elites need to return to Halo’s multiplayer is that Halo was once known for giving humans and Elites equal time in the spotlight. But just like the decreased availability in multiplayer, the same thing happened in the campaign. Halo has become now all about humanity if you look at it just through the games. It’s understandable if not everyone desires dig deeper by reading articles and books. So for those who haven’t read any of the books yet on the aliens of the Haloverse, you’d probably be disappointed right now.

Regardless, Elites were and still are a special part of the Haloverse. But personally, without them, the company loses the trust from the Sangheili fans, the Elites get no story time, and no equality. Sometimes you develop a close connection to the Elites when you start playing as them. It’s fun to play as something that isn’t human for a change in Halo’s multiplayer or campaign, so why can’t it be implemented once more?