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Halo Sheet Music: Scores of Halo – Halo CE Version 2

Halo Sheet Music:  Scores of Halo – Halo CE Version 2

For the main Scores of Halo post on the Halo Combat Evolved Sheet Music. Please go Here

– This “Stuff” Is Your History. It Should Remind You Grunts Of What We’re Fightin’ To Protect!

Halo Combate Evolved Soundtrack


After years of transcribing and arranging, and the completion of the Halo: Reach Sheet Music. We reached (no pun intended) The end of the Bungie era of soundtracks. Yet the first Halo Soundtrack 343 Industries release was Halo: Legends. Which was filled with themes by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori reimagined.

So the next update to the Halo Sheet Music Collection you will see will be Halo Legends. Which will complete the Marty and Mike era. Which perhaps is maybe even more important.

You will find more on the history of this soundtrack Here

So imagine this as the last steps before the new and greater journey.

A Little Nostalgic Talk:

While we were looking back with fondness on the Soundtracks and the Sheet Music. We noticed something we weren’t really happy with. All tough, granted, it was the first and we learned the most of the soundtrack to Combat Evolved. The “old” version ( Which WAS available to you), did not live up to the standard we want to deliver to you all.

SO, we redid it all…… Mostly Graphically while some pieces required an overhaul. We remade it in our current style. We wanted to leave the Marty and Mike era behind us with dignity and be able to look back without saying “I wish we fixed this and that”

Adding a new track to make it up, here is the remake for Halo: Combat Evolved.

Halo Combat Evolved in The Sheet Music Collection:

01 – Opening Suite
02 – Truth and Reconciliation
03 – Brothers in Arms
04 – Enough Dead Heroes
05 – Perilous Journey
06 – A Walk in the Woods
07 – Under Cover of Night
08 – Covenant Dance
09 – The Maw
10 – On A Pale Horse
11 – Dust and Echoes
12 – Halo
13 – Halo ( Siege of Madrigal )
14 – Halo Love Theme Sketch ( Unreleased )

Halo Sheet Music:  Scores of Halo – Short But Sweet


The series of Scores of Halo continues !

The series of blog posts was originally intended for the work that was already finished, looking back on previous soundtracks. But the reception has been so well we are going to keep this style on the blog here on The Halo Archive.

The next post of Halo Sheet Music:  Scores of Halo will focus on Halo: Legends.

As always, You can find all sheet music here!


Until next time!

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