Yes: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania

Yes: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania

Daniel Bryan, Craig Tello

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 125006788X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of WWE's most unlikely champions of all time and also one of its most popular, Bryan has proved to the world and to all of WWE that looks can be deceiving. Just ask anyyone who's ever underestimated him . . . right before he went out and whipped the WWE universe into a frenzy.

This is Bryan's behind-the-scenes story told for the first time ever by the "YES!" Man himself---from his beginnings as a child wanting to wrestle to his ten years circling the globe on the independent circuit and his remarkable climb to the upper ranks of WWE.

As the biggest week of his life unfolds, Aberdeen, Washington's bearded son reflects in full detail on his incredible path to the top and gives his take on the events that have shaped him. With his Bryan-ized blend of modesty and surprising candor, Daniel pulls no punches (or martial arts kicks) as he reveals his true thoughts on his evolution as a performer, his various roles in WWE versus the independent years, life on the road, at home, and much more.

And of course, get the untold story surrounding the "YES!" chant that evolved to full-fledged movement, skyrocketing his career. This book chronicles all the hard work, values, influences, unique life choices, and more, leading to his watershed week at WrestleMania 30. You won't want to miss it. Yes! We're sure about this.

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Dome is huge. At its capacity, it can hold over sixty thousand people for a wrestling show. When I first walked inside I was amazed. The dome-shaped roof is an air-supported structure held up by pressurizing the inside of the building. When we came in, we walked into a vaultlike room. They closed the door we came through—at which point I could feel the pressure change—then they opened another large door to enter the stadium. All of that was done to stabilize the pressure and keep the roof what I

Justin had already fought at UFC (the Ultimate Fighting Championship) and was a heavyweight. I was confused and wasn’t quite sure what I had done that was so wrong that I deserved to be slapped. Justin explained that the slap was from Inoki because he thought we should have done more of the “shoot” fighting style we practiced at the dojo. According to him, Inoki understood that it was difficult because our opponents were the veterans—and in wrestling, you’re taught to listen to the people that

sanitized version of wrestling that’s required to be PG. I knew they would see the whole thing not only as an injustice but also as proof that the only place they could see the kind of wrestling they liked was on the independents. I don’t know how soon after the incident Vince knew he was going to fire me. He may have been under pressure, considering the company’s many sponsors and partners who rely on WWE being PG-rated. Plus, there are all the kids watching the show. I learned that Vince

music, Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries,” which is in the public domain and can be used freely. One of my favorite old-school Japanese wrestlers, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, came out to it, and it was badass. Once I suggested it, I thought it would take a few weeks to get it cleared and approved. Not this time. That same night on Raw, I was wrestling Edge, who had already made his entrance. Right before I walked out, WWE producer Billy Kidman was on a headset in Gorilla and told me, “OK, you’re

up to me backstage and said they couldn’t believe the match. The funniest was the Great Khali, whose English is sometimes hard to understand. It wasn’t this time. “Whuh happen, man? Thass bullshit, bruddah.” More importantly, the fans were angry. The people who attend WrestleMania travel from all over the world, and they are pretty hardcore into wrestling. If they don’t like something, they’ll let you know. The rest of the show, fans would randomly break out into “Yes!” chants or “Daniel Bryan!”

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