World on Film: An Introduction

World on Film: An Introduction

Language: English

Pages: 460

ISBN: 140513979X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This uniquely engaging and lively textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to international film, from the golden age of European cinema to the contemporary blockbusters of India and Asia, and the post World War II emergence of global film culture.

  • Offers an overview of film culture in European countries such as France, Sweden and Spain, as well as Africa, Hong Kong, China, and India, in a clear and conversational style to engage the student reader
  • Provides a detailed exploration of the impact of globalization on international cinema
  • Addresses the differences in visual and narrative strategies between Hollywood-influenced movies and international cinema 

  • Highlights key words within the text and provides a comprehensive glossary of critical vocabulary for film studies

  • Includes over 80 film stills throughout the text, and a comprehensive companion website with a 'troubleshooting guide' for instructors that includes suggested syllabi at
  • Each chapter includes in-depth case studies of individual films and directors, cultural and historical context, selected filmographies, and ideas for projects, essays, and further research

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parallel film, since there were never rewards at the box office equal to those of the more conventional Bollywood movies. And these films are still marginalized. Indeed, of all the directors of the 1950s and 1960s who were part of the Indian New Wave, only the films of Satyajit Ray are still easily accessible. The films of other New Wave directors like Mrinal Sen and Ritwik Ghatak have not been reproduced commercially for DVD or VHS. Still, if you have a sense of adventure, you may wish to try to

fantasy that we find in Bollywood films. It is true that Ankur doesn’t speak directly of the Emergency, but it reflects the problems of Indian political and economic life through a realistic story about colonial India. Trouble begins with the arrival in a rural village of Surya (Anant Nag), the son of a wealthy landowner. He wants to study at the university, but is forced to manage his father’s property in this rural backwater while waiting for his underage bride to be old enough to consummate

Education Department of the Commissariat of Education, which was known by the acronym Narkompros. Under this regime, film studios were considered to be like any other factory, and, as a result, as at all factories, the “product,” in this case movies, was subject to the control of committees formed by the workers at each studio. Narkompros functioned as a central committee that could censor all films produced anywhere within the Soviet Union, but at this point it was comparatively liberal in its

war for independence that was met with shocking violence on the part of the French colonial government, including torture. This conflict took place during the time of the Fourth Republic in France, which was formed right after the end of World War II, but collapsed in 1958, due to its instability and the crisis caused by the Algerian War; war hero Charles de Gaulle formed the Fifth Republic. The French public was as divided about the questions of Algeria as Americans were during US military

camera – caused it to be banned by the Eleventh Plenum for being too negative and not providing the optimism East Germany needed in order to succeed as a Communist state. The censors hinted that the film was counter-revolutionary, a very serious charge. Maetzig tried to argue that honesty was important for art to make sure that real problems weren’t swept under the rug, but he lost that round.The Rabbit Is Me didn’t have its first public screening until 1990. Traces of Stones akaSpur der Steine

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