Working for You Isn't Working for Me: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Boss

Working for You Isn't Working for Me: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Boss

Katherine Crowley, Kathi Elster

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1591842751

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The guide for anyone who deals with difficult authority figures at work.

Sooner or later, we all have to work for someone we can't stand-whether it's an inept supervisor, an undermining department head, or an overly demanding client. When that happens, some people quit, some suffer in silence, and others cope by sulking, obsessing, or retaliating.

But you can take charge of this crucial workplace relationship. In this book, Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster, authors of the bestseller Working for You Is Killing Me, offer concrete examples of bad boss scenarios and a proven four-step program for improving each situation:

•Detect - Identify how this person drives you crazy.

•Detach - Discover concrete actions you can take to reclaim your power.

•Depersonalize - Learn how to take a boss's actions less personally.

•Deal - Devise a plan to get what you need and move your career forward.

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we mean understanding two things that will take the emotional sting out of your experience. First, whatever your boss is doing, you didn’t cause it. Second, his or her ac-­ tions may be triggering your worst fears­—­making it even more difficult to manage the relationship effectively. Let’s start with the first point: whatever the person in authority is doing to make your work life miserable, you can trust that there were people before you who experienced the exact same thing. The yelling boss

seriously. 5. You feel a constant pressure to “keep up” with your boss’s initiatives. Former Colleague While you may initially be happy for a colleague when he or she gets promoted, that happiness may turn into remorse once you realize that your chummy coworker is now the boss. The person you once laughed with, gossiped with, and sometimes partied with is now in a position of authority. He or she must monitor your performance and hold you ac-­ countable for your work. Most people take on a

When you have self­-­confidence, you can see options for yourself and your career. Without self­-­confidence, it’s hard to imagine that you deserve or can find a better situation. Rebuilding your confidence is an inside job. Like restoring your en-­ ergy and repairing your emotional state, it takes a conscious effort. The 68 | D ETACH best way to regain a sense of confidence is to engage in activities that let you feel successful. These activities can take place inside or outside of the

one who others count on to challenge the status quo at a staff meeting? Yes ___ No ___ • Do you feel it’s up to you to state the uncomfortable truth? Yes ___ No ___ • Are you a natural advocate for people who are underrepresented or downtrodden? Yes ___ No ___ IT ’ S NOT ABO U T Y O U   .   .   . OR I S IT ? | 123 • Are you frequently called into your boss’s office and reprimanded for a lack of diplomacy? Yes ___ No ___ • Do you see yourself as someone who will always fight for what you be-­

Bees gladly engage in conversations about their hobbies and interests. They like sharing information on topics that they value. Difficulties arise for Worker Bees in the realm of interpersonal dif-­ ferences. They don’t know how to effectively express contrary opinions and they don’t know how to deal with conflict of any kind. Emotional outbursts scare them. Could you be a Worker Bee? Respond to the following questions. • If you have a new boss, do you naturally hang back, waiting for that per-­

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