Wolf's Head Inn

Wolf's Head Inn

John Simpson

Language: English

Pages: 183

ISBN: 2:00162558

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dale and Terry are very happy in their relationship, but both men hate their jobs. When the death of a distant relation drops a six-million-dollar windfall into Dale's lap, they decide to buy a lovely bed and breakfast on secluded Wolf's Head Island, Maine, and make a go of being innkeepers. For the New Year holiday season, Terry comes up with the idea of offering a "Murder Mystery Weekend" package. The venerable inn has a full house when an unexpected blizzard roars in, isolating the island from the rest of the world. But plans go ahead as scheduled... until they discover that the murder mystery may be more real than Dale and Terry had planned.

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chef‟s work clothes mostly hid his body, but from what Marvin could tell, Michael was one hot man. “You‟re a very handsome man. Your hair is beautiful. Of course, in the Philippines, only American sailors have blond hair.” Marvin was going for broke and hoping that his compliments would be well-received. “Thank you, eh, Marvin, is it?” the chef asked, trying to see the waiter‟s name tag. “Yes, I‟m Marvin, and apparently you are a very talented chef, from the comments I heard from the guests at

when he arrives, whenever that may be?” “Yes, that will be fine. Just send it well-packaged and addressed to him. We‟ll see that he gets it.” “Perfect. Thank you so much, and I‟ll send it right along since I don‟t know if he‟ll be there very soon, or in the next few weeks.” “I‟ll be watching for it, sir; thank you for calling.” Six hundred fifty-two miles away, a man hung up a phone and smiled. After hanging up, Terry thought about the conversation, trying to decide if there was anything wrong

minutes,” Michael replied. “Marvin, may I say that you look outstanding in your tux?” Dale asked. Marvin smiled and ran his fingers across the top of the cummerbund. “You may say that anytime you like.” “You really do look hot like that,” Terry said. “Thank you. By the way, not to take the conversation off of where I like it, namely me, did you see how hard it‟s snowing out? It‟s a good thing I‟m staying the weekend here.” “I‟d better go check it out; I‟ll be right back,” Dale said. The phone

notice, Aiden doesn‟t look too happy with Wayne over there at the moment.” AN HOUR later, the party started to shut down. Everyone began to go up to their rooms, and Dale and Terry were finally able to clean up so that they could get started with the game right away in the morning. Since there wasn‟t any electricity at the moment, the breakfast was cancelled. As they walked up the stairs to their own room, they waved goodnight to Marvin and Michael playing grab ass on the steps behind them

hon,” Terry said. “Hi, babe. Did you sleep well? “Like a log. Nothing like sex to tire me the rest of the way out and make for a good night of sleep.” “How long you been up?” “I got up about half an hour ago. Thought I‟d get a jump on a couple things so that we can get to working on the realtor. You have to go back to work tomorrow, so we need to do what we can today.” “Speaking of work, I‟ve decided to give my notice tomorrow. This is too big of a deal not to give it one hundred percent of my

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