Without Mercy

Without Mercy

Lisa Jackson

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 1420102745

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"A Juicy Creep-A-Thon. . .Builds To A Suprising Cliffhanger Ending." –Publishers Weekly (starred review)

At first, it sounds like the answer to a parent's prayers: an elite boarding school in the Oregon mountains where wayward kids turn their lives around. But behind the idyllic veneer lie disturbing rumors of missing students and questionable treatments.

"A Nail-Biting Roller-Coaster Ride." –Library Journal

Jules Farentino knows her half-sister, Shaylee, has been going off the rails lately. She's just not sure Blue Rock Academy is the answer. Accepting a teaching position there lets Jules keep an eye on Shay, but also confirms her fears. One student is found hanged, another near death. Something sinister is at hand--and Jules may already be too late to stop it.

"The Book's Ending Will Throw Most Readers For A Loop." --The Free Lance-Star

As a brutal snowstorm sweeps in, cutting off the remote campus from the rest of the world, Jules will discover the Academy's dark secrets, and confront a murderous evil without limits, without remorse, without mercy. . .

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Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter, Book 4)

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The Business of Strangers (Silhouette Intimate Moments, Book 1366)

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her head back. Breathing rapidly, panting like an animal, Shay kicked and twisted, trying desperately to dislodge Jules’s grip, while doing damage with her own. No way would Jules release her. Shay had won too many competitions, had bragged to Jules in the past about how easy it was to take down an opponent. Shay arched her back. Fingers clawed Jules’s scalp, twisting her hair, and pulling up, stretching Jules’s neck. Shay’s free hand became a weapon. Fingers glued tightly together and stiff,

She rounded a final corner and sprinted downhill. From this vantage point, she usually caught glimpses of the lake, but not today. It was too foggy, too dark. By the time she reached her doorstep, she was breathing hard and covered in sweat. She leaned down to stroke Diablo, then flew through the shower, washed her hair, and twisted it into a topknot. Slapping on some lipstick, she called it good. On her way out the door, she grabbed her cell phone and tucked it into her pocket. Through some

lined her arms. On bad days she used to pick and scratch, try to make them bleed, but not anymore. Ever since the day she’d kissed Ethan after he’d helped her cart her kayak to the water, that fall day when diamonds danced on the lake and the sun still had the power to warm through her clothes, she had vowed to stop cutting. A guy like Ethan didn’t want a girl with bloody speed bumps covering her arms. She had promised herself never to cut again and actually started applying vitamin E to the

working undercover, a private investigator searching for clues in the disappearance of Lauren Conway. The local sheriff’s department had exhausted all their leads, according to Cheryl and Ted, parents of the missing girl. He hurried up two broad steps and through glass doors to the admin building, where warm air and the smell of some kind of cleaner greeted him. He winked at Charla King as he passed her desk and was rewarded with one of her frosty glares. Hell, she was uptight. Charla was

parents might have to turn their condo back to the bank. Shay kept her eyes on her desk, and Jules had to ask Chaz Johnson to remove his hood and stay awake. Although Maeve Mancuso kept her eyes down as she fidgeted at something under her sleeve, when called upon, she was able to answer a question. JoAnne Harris, aka Banjo, shared her sense of guilt. Though her family was doing well, she felt bad that her grandfather was scooping up foreclosed homes, kicking homeowners out, then renting the

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