With Clive in India: Or the Beginning of an Empire

With Clive in India: Or the Beginning of an Empire

G. A. Henty

Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 2:00353364

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After his father’s death, Charlie Marryat, along with his friend Peters, joins the East India Company as a clerk and travels to Madras, India. There, they meet Robert Clive, an ambitious young man who had successfully quelled many a mutiny and gone from being a clerk to an able military leader. Bored of their mundane work, Charlie and Peters decide to enlist under Clive as private soldiers in the fight against the Dutch and the French. Their lives take a complete turn as they participate in several exciting battles and form lasting bonds with their fellow soldiers. But does Clive manage to defeat the determined French? And how does Charlie deal with the various dangers in India, including pirates, tigers and the Black Hole of Calcutta, not to mention the epic Battle of Plassey?

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evening, Coote ordered four hundred men to march to invest the fort of Ariangopang, but Colonel Monson, second in command, was so strongly against the step that at the last moment he countermanded his orders. The change was fortunate, for Lally, who had heard from his spies of the English intentions, moved his whole army out to attack the—as he supposed—weakened force. At ten at night, fourteen hundred French infantry, a hundred French horse, and nine hundred Sepoys marched out to attack the

idea in yer head, corporal? It’s nayther more nor less than an insult to suppose that I, a dacent hoy, and brought up under the teaching of Father O’Shea, should marry a hathen black woman; and if you weren’t my suparior officer, corporal, I’d tach ye better manners.’ Fortunately, at this moment Charlie’s voice was heard shouting for his servant, and Tim was, therefore, saved from the breach of the peace which his indignation showed that he meditated. December passed quietly, and then in

him. I believe him to be guilty,’ he said when the prisoner had been removed. ‘Then why not let him be beheaded at once?’ the rajah asked. ‘I would rather let ten guilty men escape,’ Charlie replied, ‘than run the risk of putting one innocent one to death. I propose, sir, that you order the eight dishes of food, which have been prepared for my dinner, to be carefully weighed. Let these be all placed in the cell of the prisoner, and there let him be left. In the course of two or three days he

behind Gheriah.’ ‘You wouldn’t think that a horse could climb them,’ Tim said. ‘They look as steep as the side of a house.’ ‘In many places they are, Tim, but you see there are breaks in them. At some points, either from the force of streams or from the weather, the rocks have crumbled away, and the great slopes, which everywhere extend halfway up, reach the top. Zigzag paths are cut in these which can be travelled by horses and pack animals. There must be quantities of game,’ Charlie said to

in the fort were also allowed to return to their homes. Mr. Holwell was then sent for, and after the nabob had expressed his resentment at the small amount found in the treasury he was dismissed, the nabob assuring him of his protection. Mr. Holwell returned to his English companions, who, one hundred and forty-six in number, including the two ladies, were drawn up under the verandah in front of the prison. The nabob then returned to his camp. Some native officers went in search of some building

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