Wings of Creation (The Silver Ship)

Wings of Creation (The Silver Ship)

Brenda Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0765360713

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Joseph has succeeded in rescuing his sister, Chelo, from a pitched battle on the colony planet Fremont. Now he and Chelo and the love of his life, Alicia, and all of their extended family, are finally returning home. Halfway there, a probe intercepts them, sending them new coordinates and a message from Joseph's enigmatic supporter and teacher, Marcus.

War is brewing.

Joseph is wanted for escaping to save Chelo. To stay safe, Joseph must bring his family and friends to the renowned planet of Lopali, where men and women can fly, and peace and freedom abound. Or do they? Alicia has always wanted to fly, but the modifications that give humans wings kill as often as they work.

Joseph must learn to actually change humans, to free the fliers of a tyranny that has enslaved them, since their species was born. If he can do this, the fliers have agreed to help him stop the war. But it's not as easy as it seems.

Vile Bodies

The Secret River (Thornhill, Book 1)


The Thief (Isaac Bell, Book 5)

The Tooth Fairy



















Stark. “They look like they should sleep more.” I put my hand out for more water. He filled it, narrowing his eyes. “You’ve slept through a whole night.” Really? “Marcus’ll want to check on the sim, and you’ve only got a day or a day and a half until you’ve got to go.” That’s right. Star Mercenaries. Lushia again? Someone else? I was still too tired to get amped about it. Or anything else. But he was right about the Paula sim. I wanted to know. I glanced back at Marcus to check and see if he

once. Now they might be threatened again. Or maybe I should just say they were still threatened. Who was our enemy, and why? “So where are we going?” Jenna asked. Marcus shook his head. “I’ll tell you along the way.” Jenna looked bemused at Marcus’s refusal rather than angry, blowing through my expectations yet again. “Is there war yet?” He shook his head. “Almost.” He and Dianne shared a glance. “But I think it started on Fremont, and it will grow from here. Some people are still trying for

just so and the knife edges of his fingernail implants exploded from the tips of his fingers like claws. He held them out in front of him. I’d seen them, of course. But this time I stopped and took his palm gently, turning it so the light shone on the built-in weapons. I reached a finger toward them. “Don’t touch,” he warned, and I drew back, a bit too late. A single bead of blood showed on the tip of the third finger of my right hand. He flicked the nails back in, and took my hand in his,

behind. The image made me smile, three wingless, completely ignorant that they were being swooped down on. Seeyan was the first to turn and look up. She bolted. Marcus started after her, but I yelled, “Look up,” and he stopped, waiting for the fliers. There were five of them. Matriana, Daniel, and three others we’d seen the first night. I didn’t remember any of their names, but they were part of the Convening Council of Lopali. Two of them flew off after Seeyan, and the scrabble of feet on the

who would travel more freely. “Have any of us heard from any of the others?” I asked. Bryan shook his head. “Ming was supposed to contact me. We had our own agreement.” When Liam glanced at Bryan, he looked as worried as I felt, but he used his calm leader’s voice. “Maybe she just decided to follow the original plan.” Bryan resumed his pacing, not looking at any of us. “She wouldn’t do that.” “Give it time,” I suggested, catching Caro as she careened across the small room spilling crumbs.

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