Who says you can't work from home?: A work from home guide for those desiring to work from home and/or start their own virtual assistant business

Who says you can't work from home?: A work from home guide for those desiring to work from home and/or start their own virtual assistant business

LaToya Gay, Regina Lewis

Language: English

Pages: 33

ISBN: 2:00197731

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Are you desiring to work from home but are unsure how to get started? Do you want to spend more time with the family and leave the corporate world? If you answered yes to these questions then this work at home guide is for you. Working at home has many benefits and allows you the flexibility you need during the day. "Who says you can't work from home" is a guide that was created for those who are desiring to work in the comfort of their own home and/or start their own virtual assistant business. Whatever your desire may be this guide will help you get started and provides a simple step by step process to help you on your path to success and freedom! What this guide will cover: *How to set up your home office *How to become a mystery shopper *Pre-Interview Questionnaire *How to start your own Virtual Assistant Business And more!!

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and whatever else that is not of God is not the direction for your life. I was determined to start 2013 on a stable mind and become more consistent and that is how VirtuallyNSync, LLC was birthed. I absolutely love what I do and I have a passion to help people like you find work at home opportunities that best suits your goals and/or dreams. Now this guide is not going to be the typical boring work at home manual that leaves you wondering what next at the end. To be honest it is not as bad as

do is look for a position that you know in your heart that you will hate doing. · Do not search for work at home opportunities just because it gives you something to do. Search because your desire to be at home with your family more often is necessary. Search because your vision is greater than your life. While you are reading this guide I want you to keep in mind that not every application that you send out to the employers and/or companies are going to be sent back to you with a yes. There

great for her. The transition from office to home went smoothly. I already had a computer, fax machine and telephone so no extra equipment was needed. We transferred office phones to my phone during the day. After hours, I forwarded the phones to the after-hours answering machine. I was able to log into the office email from home and we both communicated that way throughout the day. Of course if it was great urgent matter, I just called her on her cellphone. We met every 2 weeks to review any

Parents-(Dad) Thank you for bringing forth such an awesome child of God. I thank you for encouraging and supporting me through all of my dreams and even shortcomings. I am so blessed to have such a funny and amazing father like you to keep me smiling. I am so proud to be your daughter and I appreciate all the words of wisdoms you have instilled in me. Love you Mom and Gene- Mom, thank you so much for crying and celebrating with me through the years. Thank you for being there to lend a helping

2. Tell me about your past work experience. 3. What do you know about our company? 4. Tell me about a time when……. 5. Why should we choose you? 6. What questions do you have for me? (Always Always asks questions) 7. What are your greatest strengths? 8. What did you like or dislike about your previous job? 9. Why do you want to change jobs? 10. How would you handle an irate customer? These are just a few questions but depending on the employer the questions may be worded differently.

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