What's in Your Bug-Out Bag? Survival Kits and Bug-Out Bags of Everyday People

What's in Your Bug-Out Bag? Survival Kits and Bug-Out Bags of Everyday People

Corey Graff

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1440237034

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In What's In Your Bug-Out Bag you'll hear from 15 everyday people as they describe their actual bug-out bag list - the ultimate 72-hour kit guide from and for real people. Get ideas for making your own survival kit, and find out what first aid, shelter, navigation, food, water and personal protection items people are counting on to get to safety.

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Contents Introduction By Jim Nowka. All across the country, catastrophes and crises occur with shocking regularity. Nowka explains how he’s preparing. Curt La Haise Curt is preparing for anything and everything. He prepped his bag for natural disasters such as severe weather, power outages, tornadoes, floods, wild fires and more. Clifford Boyle Clifford is prepping for disasters that are natural or domestic due to economic or terrorist upheaval. JJ Swiontek JJ is prepping for wildfires in

warm while you dry the others. Michael explains his reasons for choosing these items by saying that you can’t carry all the conveniences of home, so only carry things that meet these three criteria in order of importance: 1) durability, 2) multiple uses, 3) light weight. The towel is great for drying yourself and doubles as a pillow. The space blanket can be used to line any bulky material found for bedding, as a sleeping bag cover or liner or used alone to reflect heat from a fire. The plastic

live and what you depend on to get through your day. From there, organize your bag accordingly. Take ownership. These two simple words embody the bug-out bag philosophy and offer the best advice I can provide for making sure your personal needs are met when you’re confronted with the unforeseen. You have no guarantee that the modern conveniences upon which you’ve relied thus far will continue even one more day. At any moment in time you are but a car breakdown, severe weather event or financial

is below your proper body temperature, it’ll eventually overtake you. I keep my basic shelter considerations on the outside of my pack for immediate access. I have a poncho at close reach and several ways to start a fire. The poncho keeps me dry, the fire provides immediate heat and when recognizing the importance of maintaining proper body temperature, both could prove vital to my survival. I also keep a change of clothes on the inside and near the top of my pack. My shelter kit includes a

filled with the dehydrated food, time permitting. Clothing, Shelter & Bedding Changes of underwear — 2 Changes of socks — 2 Sweatshirt — 1 Ponchos — 4 Army shelter halves — 2 Sleeping bags — 4 (1 attached to the pack) Mylar emergency blankets — 4 100 ft. nylon rope — 1 10’x12’ plastic for ground cover — 1 The clothing in Clifford’s bag is just enough to swap out and wash. Depending on the weather and direction of the bug-out, he and his family would be wearing extra clothing. The shelter items

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