West of Dodge (Louis L'Amour)

West of Dodge (Louis L'Amour)

Louis L'Amour

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ISBN: 055347720X

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L'Amour is one of the best-loved novelists of all time, but his short stories established his reputation in the golden age of magazines devoted to fiction--and his output was prodigious and eclectic.  Now comes a collection of fourteen stories, newly unearthed gems that have never appeared in print until now, in this one-of-a-kind collection.

Here is the awe-inspiring natural wonder of the West and the rugged men and women who carved out their places amid its majesty, which L'Amour was uniquely able to conjure for millions of readers the world over.  Here are tales which rise as proudly as a mountain peak, and sing as softly as a lone campfire; which pit brave people against both raw nature and human nature; which capture the West with an unmatched power that easily reaches forward to captivate readers in our time.  Here is an undiscovered treasure trove of Louis L'Amour stories, never before published in book form, guaranteed to enthrall everyone who loves the great American frontier.

Bitterroot Valley (The Gunsmith, Book 355)

Butcher's Crossing

Crack in the Sky (Titus Bass, Book 3)

Blood on McAllister (Rem McAllister, Book 7)

Black Sun

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might wipe away the snow as if by a gesture. However, such a storm might last for two or three days and the resulting snow remain for weeks. Until now his mind had been a blank, with no thought but to escape, to get away from the danger of tearing, ripping bullets that would spill his life’s blood on the ground—and for what? Hurley had looked upon the dead face of Talbot and had seen himself lying there, knowing better than most how narrow had been the margin. That he had scored with his second

was the most astonishing. There were, he knew in that moment, worse things than death, and there were few things worse than fear itself. He turned slowly. “It’s my fight, Benton,” he said. “You get back in bed.” He stepped down off the step. He was scared. He was really scared, and yet somehow it was not as bad as he had expected. He looked at the four shivering men on their horses, and he smiled. “Are you boys looking for me?” he asked. They hesitated…they were cold and shaky from having

intentional-like—well, that tries my temper. That time with Shiloh, he saw that it riled me and so he kept it up. I told him to stop and I told him what kind of yellow dog I thought he was, and he grinned that mean grin of his and put his hand on the butt of that Navy Colt, so I hit him. He was set for a gunfight and it took him by surprise. He went down and I snatched his pistol away and tossed it out where the horses were picketed. He got up and we fought. I knocked him down ’til he didn’t

fine old family, a very proud family. They were Spanish Californians mixed with Irish. “The Army had orders waiting for me in Santa Fe, and they took me into the East and then to the Confederate War. It was a long time later that I got a letter she had written me. She was dying and there had been a baby girl…it was mine. “I had married during the war. There was nothing I could do but provide for the child in every way I could. But I had to do so secretly…to have publicly accepted Rosa as mine

names. Many of the people on this list may be dead. If you are a family member (or were a very good friend) of anyone on the list who has passed away, I would like to hear from you, too. Some of the names I have marked with an asterisk (*); if there is anyone out there who knows anything at all about these people I would like to hear it. The address to write to is: Louis L’Amour Biography Project P.O. Box 41183 Pasadena, CA 91114-9183 Marian Payne—Married a man named Duane. Louis said in 1938

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