Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary for Students, Second Edition

Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary for Students, Second Edition

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1596951656

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This 2014 revised and updated edition is ideal for English and Spanish speakers, this bidirectional dictionary defines the core vocabularies of Latin-American Spanish and American English. Abbreviated description text: This value-priced Spanish-English, with over 50,000 translations is the best bilingual reference for students. Features of this Book Over 40,000 entries and 50,000 translations Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish sections Conjugation of Spanish Verbs Irregular English Verbs Value-priced or budget-conscious parents and teachers

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itaff, stick 2 : coirfort, support badalio nm z clapper (of a bell) bad6n nln,-pl badenes l : (paved) ford, channel T z dip, ditch (in a rodd) b6dminton nm z badminton bafle_or bafle nm I zbafle 2 : speaker, loudspeaker hagajd nm I.reurpnrp :. baggage,.luggegg,Z : background bagatela nf z-di{e, trinket baEre nm t catfish bahfa nf z bav bailar vt t to dance - vi l: to dance _ 2 _ito qpin 3 :-to be loose, to be too big bailarfnr, -rina adi, mpl -rines I :

-na adi : diviire erieve - dolerse vr I z to be disdivisa'nfl z cdrrencv 2 lrun : motto 3 fressed 2 '. to complain : emblem. insienia' doliente nmf z mou^rner,bereaved divisar vr i to discern, to make out dolor nm I z pain, ache 2 pruR, TRISTEZA divisi6n nf,- pl -siones : division : erief. sorrow divisionismo nm : factionalism doforidb, -da adi I : sore, aching 2 dlvlslvo. -va adi : divisive : hurt, upset divisor hm z d{nominator doloro3o.'

f$ii$fi"'",T3,Idoute ei[itCi'vi: to th"read(a needle,etc.) "$ffitt; : con- embellish enhorabuena nf FELIcIDADES : irritable, eniijait-iio, -za adi IRRITABLE eratulations pl cranKY mYsterY efiigma nm z-enigma, -daadi L : annoyed 2 t' angry' enoj-ado' enifim6qico, -ca'.adi',:'enigmatic mao enrgmatrcamente aav 2 t to annoy, to to anger t I enojar vt enjqEgnar vt i to soap up, to lather uDset _ enojarse yr enraDonarse vr ei6jo nm 1 cdl-Ena : anger 2 : annoYance enJij6n,. -jo n?.adi, p/'jones Chi

be well 6ick) 14 - Dara : to be in the mood'for 15 - Ddr : to be in favor of 16 - Dor : tb be about to 17 estar de mds : t6 be unnecEssarylE estar oue : to be (in a state or condition) <'est6que echa chispas : he's hopping madi - estarse yr eUEDARSE : to stav. to remarn est-arcir {83} vt : to stencil estatal adi z state, national estdtica if z static estdtico. -ca adi : static estatizai {2lI vt : to nationahize

llossary Elotis nf : elotTis glot6nr, -tofra adj, mpl glotones : gluttonous glot6nz, -tona n, mpl glotones : glutton glot6nr nm, pl glotones : wolverine glotoner(a -if atua : gluttony Elucosa nf: qlucose flutinoso, -sd adj : glutinous gnomo nm i g'nome fobernaci6n-nf, p/ -ciones : governlnq. government eobtrhador. -dora ,? : sovernor Eobernantei adi : rulinE. sovernins fobernantez nitf : rulei,.[6ader, gdvernor gobernar {55i vr I : to sovern. to rule -2 : to steei, to sail (a sh'ip)- vi I : to

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