Voice of the Gods (Age of the Five Trilogy, Book 3)

Voice of the Gods (Age of the Five Trilogy, Book 3)

Trudi Canavan

Language: English

Pages: 592

ISBN: 0060815922

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Unable to avoid being drawn into the terrible conflict, Auraya, now protector of the Siyee, fears she will be unable to meet the conditions of the all-powerful gods she once served. And an offer from a mysterious woman may be impossible for Auraya to refuse, but, if revealed, would brand her an enemy of the gods. Now, the immortal Wilds will not be deterred in their quest for powerful, long-buried secrets. But they have deadly adversaries who also seek the world-shattering truth . . . and it may appear in a form that no one anticipates.

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anticipation and exhaustion. He felt as if he had been walking forever. The life he’d left behind seemed like a dream. A bad dream. Near the coast were the tiny shapes of many, many houses. A fine thread wound past them: a river. He could make out smoke ascending in the dusky air. Was this the haven Chemalya had told him of? Only one way to find out. He pushed himself on. At least it’s all downhill from here. As the hours passed he kept his mind occupied with thoughts of his wife Gli and their

you love him?” “As a friend.” “You helped him regain his identity.” “Yes.” Jade looked down at her cup and frowned. “I brought him here after the battle. He was quite a mess. Wasn’t sure who he was. Leiard one moment, Mirar the next.” She grimaced. “He eventually sorted himself out. I thought he’d be safe here in Si, but he has a talent for getting himself in trouble. First you nearly kill him, then he narrowly avoided the White in Sennon, and now…” She shook her head. Auraya looked at Jade

before she heard three final words. :Don’t forget me. 51 Reivan had felt awe and then fear when the glowing figures appeared among the White, the Voices and Auraya. That they were gods she had no doubt, but which gods were they? Mirar had moved to the edge of the road as if preparing to throw himself off it into the sea, but then he paused, listening. Reivan could not hear the conversation. Curious, she had edged forward, but before she could draw close enough Auraya shouted and there

frowned. “That…that doesn’t make much sense,” Reivan said. “No, it doesn’t.” Imenja sighed. “Auraya says the gods are dead. All the gods. I believe she is right.” Reivan stared at her in horror. “But those glowing figures? What were they?” an adviser asked. “They were the gods. Their gods. Our gods. The same, it turns out. They were trapped by something Auraya and Mirar did. But it didn’t kill them. The gods did that. They did something and…it finished them off. At least, that’s what Auraya

stopping anyone from attending,” Tintel said, rolling her eyes. “But I would appreciate it if a few of you volunteered to remain here, in case our services are needed.” Heads nodded, and one or two offered to stay. Talk turned to the likely contestants. Mirar listened closely, intrigued by this method of making a great game out of the selection of a ruler. “You’ll be going?” Tintel asked him quietly. He smiled. “Yes—unless you have other uses for me tomorrow?” “No,” she said. “I can’t help

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