Vindicated: Confessions of a Video Vixen, Ten Years Later

Vindicated: Confessions of a Video Vixen, Ten Years Later

Karrine Steffans

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 1940363829

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For a decade, Confessions of a Video Vixen author Karrine Steffans and the details of her private life have been the subject of debate and scrutiny. But, as gossipmongers and critics speculated, assumed, and manufactured tall tales about the New York Times bestselling author, Karrine hid herself and her truth from the world, imprisoned by an abusive marriage and the judgments of society.

In Vindicated: Confessions of a Video Vixen, Ten Years Later, Karrine takes readers into the belly of the beast as she harrowingly chronicles the systematic breakdown of her mind, body, and spirit and the events that propelled her back to prosperity after losing everything. She candidly shares her struggle to be what others demand, her obsession with the American dream, her desperation to appear normal, and the price she paid for it all.

With a foreword from Respect magazine Editor-in-Chief Datwon Thomas, this dark, long journey into the life of an abused and tormented woman, wife, and mother uncovers a long-guarded set of painful personal truths, reveals the inspiring details of her life-saving triumph, and will change everything you thought you knew about Karrine Steffans.

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the runaround when calling the Van Nuys police department, I was finally allowed instructions on how to gain access to the files, which had been moved to another precinct for some unexplained reason. Then, once I got my hands on the report, I was told that the Polaroid photos of my bloody face and injured body had been destroyed just thirty days after the incident. Though the injury report, with its diagram of my wounds, cuts, and scratches, was enough evidence, the photos from that night, the

no one I could talk to about our relationship—not even the pastor. It made no sense to complain about something so horrible only to stay. So, in June 2009, I began to keep a journal of the abuse, instead. June 25, 2009: Aeron’s financial contributions to our marriage have been sporadic, and when he does contribute, more often than not, it falls short of the mark. Aeron has not been living in the home for over a month. He came to visit me today at 2 PM and left at 2:50 PM. To date, he has

to the curb for me,” she whined, wailing into the phone. Lying on Aeron’s chest, I could hear Mona going on and on about everyone leaving her, no one loving her, and not having anyone to help her do anything, ever. Never mind the fact that Aeron, his siblings, and their children were always over there, even living there for the majority of the time. At that point, though, everyone had moved out and Aeron was with me and she needed her son, or rather, her emotional husband. Riddling Aeron with

caller claimed you were running a brothel out of your home, subjecting your son to the presence of the men coming in and out of the home. The caller alleged you are abusing heroin, as well as physically and emotionally abusing your son, leaving him alone for weeks at a time and not feeding him for days.” “I know who did this,” I responded, shaking my head and smirking just a bit. “Sir, I am on the tail end of a five-year abusive relationship with my ex-husband. This man has also been abusive to

my attorney, sometimes not. I never even saw the inside of the courtroom as the attorneys met with the judge in his chambers, admitting evidence, only to have the case continued. And Aeron always came to the courthouse with a group of intimidators, including his mother. There were always at least four of them against me as I sat alone outside the courtroom, my stomach swirling and my heart racing. There always seemed to be a reason for a continuance. Aeron always found a way to spin the truth in

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