Twin Willows: A Novel

Twin Willows: A Novel

Kay Cornelius

Language: English

Pages: 384


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Graduating from her prim Philadelphia finishing school, Anna Willow McKnight eagerly heads west to the wilds of the Kentucky territory to see her father and visit the place her lovely Delaware Indian mother, who died in childbirth, had called home. It is there, too, that the chestnut-haired beauty will be reunited with her beloved Stuart, the brave soldier-turned-schoolteacher, whose kisses ignite her with overwhelming desire.

But frontier life holds promise and peril far greater than any Anna could ever imagine. The growing conflict between native tribes and white settlers threatens to erupt in bloodshed. And in this untamed land is a sister Anna doesn't even know exists, a twin named Willow, hidden at birth and raised among the Indians.

As settlers and Indians clash, fate will bring Anna together with her unknown sister...and lead her to a passion beyond her wildest fantasies.

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smiled. As long as there’s one person I can talk to in this household, I can stand it, she thought. The next day, Anna unpacked and wrote several letters, the first to Stuart telling him that she had arrived safely. She paused, debating how she should address him. “Dear Mr. Martin” seemed too formal, yet “My darling Stuart” sounded too familiar, even to her. What if someone else reads this? The worry was not unfounded, but Anna decided she had to take that chance. Until she could be with

herself from view while she retrieved her aunt’s ring from its hiding place inside her bodice. The trip hadn’t yet begun, but Anna felt a strange blend of excitement and contentment. Edward Perkins might have intended to get under way at first light, but by the time the animals and supplies had been loaded onto the flatboat, the sun stood more than halfway up in the morning sky. Anna watched the Pittsburgh road in vain for the man from the livery stable to appear. When she knew that he wasn’t

Black Snake would have no choice but to join them in marriage. For the first time in many days, Otter felt almost happy. Now that he had determined the solution to his problem, he was ready to take the path of war to far Penn-sylvania, where the Shemanese lived who had killed Chief Netawatawees. Now they must pay with their lives for their dark deeds. A few days later, Otter and Bright Stone sat together, two of more than a thousand Delaware, Shawnee, Ottowa, Chippewa, Mohawk, and Wyandot

beds, while Edward Tucker tended the horses out of sight of the clearing. Willow had just knelt by the stream to fill a water bag when a snapping twig made her instantly alert. In the twilight, she looked in the direction of the sound and saw the bulky shapes of two men on horseback, heading straight for their camp. Before she had time to tell the others, the riders emerged from the underbrush in exactly the same place that Willow’s party had ridden in. She watched as Stuart stood frozen in

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