"Twas the Bite Before Christmas

"Twas the Bite Before Christmas

Language: English

Pages: 366

ISBN: 0739460463

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Public Murders

Dark Sundays (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Book 15)

As The Crow Flies

The Hot Kid (Carl Webster Series, Book 1)

Black Friday




















and something glittered in the bushes, right underneath one of the windows. “What do you see?” I said. “It looks like a necklace,” Jamie said. Bailey shook his head. “People are morons.” “Let’s take a closer look,” I said. We walked over and ended up standing about ten feet away. The necklace hung by a branch on top of a snow-covered bush of some sort. The bush was of the deciduous variety and its leaves had fallen off, leaving bare branches, one of which was sticking up through the snow

thing about us being exes was her idea, to keep the Brights from being suspicious.” “So how come no one’s found out about this till now?” “You mean like that first detective I spoke to?” “Bailey, yeah.” “He didn’t really ask me very many questions except did I have an alibi and someone who could corroborate it.” “And was there someone?” “Yes. Her name is Donna Moore. She and I were in New York, at her apartment, that weekend. I drove back that night. I don’t know why the police haven’t

shrug. “I’m father, myself.” He tilted his head again, slightly. “And it’s Christmas…” “I still don’t follow.” He sat there, smiling and drinking his vodka. I sipped my scotch and puzzled it out. Then I got it: he was offering to help us find Huckabee—out of the goodness of his heart, not for any quid pro quo. He was a sentimental sap and didn’t want his underlings to know it. That’s why he was meeting us in private. What a guy. “So,” I said, “you have information on his whereabouts?” “This

subject, and I’m currently working on the scientific proof. Yes.” Jamie said, “Dr. Einstein, we only want to know anything you can tell us about Professor Hayes—” “But that’s the thing,” Einstein said. “Hayes doesn’t even pretend to use real elves in his scam, he uses midgets.” “Little people,” I said. “Whatever. Oh, and by the way, is that really true about dogs? What you said to Matt Lauer this morning?” “Yeah, so?” “So, you realize that what you’re saying goes totally against the

circumstances. It’s impossible to explain. These cases don’t happen very often but often enough that there’s a name for them.” We found a park bench and sat down to admire the quiet tenor of the neighborhood, although part of my mind was focused on the guy who’d been following us since we left the faculty building, and was he really following us or not. Meanwhile, a couple of squirrels got the idea that we had some pretzels or peanuts or something and came over to stare at us. “And that’s the

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