Tucker: A Novel

Tucker: A Novel

Louis L'Amour

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0553250221

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“If a man won’t fight for what is rightly his, then he ain’t much account.” With this challenge from his dying father, young Shell Tucker rode out after three men who had stolen the twenty thousand dollars his father was carrying. Two of the men he hunted, Doc Sites and Kid Reese, were his friends. Dreaming of adventure, Tucker had wanted to join their gang. But now, with his father gone and the people back home desperately in need of the proceeds from the cattle drive, Shell was determined to uphold his father’s reputation and recover their money. He knew the odds were against him. Finding his friends would be difficult. Getting the money back would be nearly impossible.

Gunsmoke for McAllister (Rem McAllister, Book 4)

The Light of Western Stars

Six-Gun Snow White

Sweet Thunder














Suddenly scared, I peeled down my pants and lifted my shirttail free. The folded flannel had stopped the blood, but where it didn’t cover the wound I could see the shine of a fragment of metal from the exploded shell. If that stuff was all through the wound I was in mighty serious trouble. I hunted around for coffee, but didn’t find any. There was some tea, and I put some in a pot and poured boiling water over it. Then with a white cloth I found in the room I began to soak the edges of the

a thing, and no wasted motion, either. “Is that all you have to do? Sit and watch me?” “I was admiring how handy you were. I never did see a girl do so much with so few moves.” We talked a bit, and then I stretched out so’s I could rest. I thought about Heseltine and Reese. More than likely they were gone, but they might come back. I’d have to be ready for that. After a while I sat up and found the stuff Owen used in cleaning his rifle, and I cleaned mine, and my six-shooter, too. Vashti

speculated on tomorrow. I explained to him my thinking about the country—the slow climb, the hilltop, and then the fast downhill trip. He listened but offered no comment, and I had no idea whether he agreed or not. When morning came it was cloudy and cool, with a feel of rain in the air. Nobody was around when we put the solidly built chest that held the gold into the boot under the driver’s feet. Tobin Dixie was driving, Do—it was short for Fernando, I learned—would ride on the box. I would

quite a period of time.” The doctor shrugged. “However, I am surmising. I would have to perform an autopsy—” “Not on me, you don’t!” Suddenly Reese said, “Doc, am I going to get well?” “I think so. That is, if you don’t get any more of it. This man is supposed to be your enemy, I believe, but if I were you I’d take his advice and never go near those people again.” He didn’t like it, but it was obvious that he believed us. He had believed me even before the doctor spoke, because evidently he

he was a worried man. Well, I was some worried my ownself. Pa had always taken on about what it meant to have a good name, and how a man was judged by the company he kept. Whenever he saw me strutting it around with Doc Sites, Kid Reese, and them, he would read the riot act to me. They bragged they had rustled cows, and maybe they had. They never worked that I could see, but they always had them a few dollars, which was more than I could say, and pa kept me working morning until night. For the

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