David Moody

Language: English

Pages: 298

ISBN: 0955005183

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The most important event in human history takes place in the middle of nowhere. Perspectives are altered. Perceptions are changed. Nothing will ever be the same again. Is this a moment of deliverance for the human race, or the beginning of its end? Tom Winter thinks he knows, but if he's right, then seven billion other people are wrong.

The Evolutionist


Lights Out

A Canticle for Leibowitz

A Gift Upon the Shore



















it?’ `How do you mean?’ `I don’t want to offend you, Tom, but…’ It was obvious that she was struggling to express her feelings. `Doesn’t matter,’ I said, trying to save her the effort (and myself the hurt). `Please don’t take this the wrong way,’ she continued, `but you can’t take the place of the man I married. No matter what he’s done he’s still Penny’s dad and there’s still a place for him here…’ `I’m not trying to take anyone’s place,’ I began pointlessly. `I just want you to know that…’ I

feeling. The ship had been an amazing sight to behold but, now that it had gone, I was left filled with a sense of anticlimax. Rob was ignorant to my feelings and carried on talking regardless. `How could something so big be so quiet?’ he wondered enthusiastically. `And the light from those engines! Jesus, I’ve never seen anything like it!’ I weaved my way through the sea of vast, meandering figures. Some of them were still fixed to the spot, staring up into space transfixed and hoping to

of them?’ `Don’t know,’ I mumbled again. `It’s got to be a virus or something doing the rounds, hasn’t it? Last winter half the village went down with flu just before Christmas. Maybe that’s it?’ `Could be.’ `Mrs Conner’s the same. Explains why she was so vile to me this morning.’ `Who’s Mrs Conner? I thought you said you hadn’t been out?’ `She lives next door. She was out in her garden this morning. I saw her when I went out to put the dustbin out. I said good morning to her and she just

conversation died, and for a while the only sound was that of Clare’s constant tears. `What’s wrong with your car? Why did you walk?’ she suddenly asked. I shrugged my shoulders. `Don’t know. Wouldn’t start.’ `Did you see Siobhan?’ `How could I? I couldn’t get to her house without the car. It was all I could do to get back home.’ `And what about your brother? Was he there?’ I nodded but didn’t want to speak. `Why didn’t you bring him back with you?’ she pressed. `Because he was in the same

further away. Clare was fighting to catch her breath. She retched with exhaustion, fear and mounting panic. Doubled-up with pain, she dropped to her knees. `You okay?’ I asked, crouching down next to her. `Sorry,’ she wheezed. `Can’t go any further.’ I stood and turned back to look towards the ship. I could see the part of the road we’d just run along and, further in the distance, I could see the tight corner and the stretch of straight road beyond that. I could also see the bodies. Clare

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