Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures: 1,087 Renderings from Historic Sources (Dover Pictorial Archive)

Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures: 1,087 Renderings from Historic Sources (Dover Pictorial Archive)

Richard Huber

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0486241742

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Drawing on centuries of history, this work is an encyclopedic collection — undoubtedly the largest royalty-free collection of its kind — of devils, dragons, mythical creatures, fanciful beasts, animal-gods, totemic figures, and other supernatural beasts from the darker regions of man's imagination. Spanning many cultures and eras, the collection ranges from prehistoric rock paintings to the drawings of Max Ernst, from the masks of black Africa to the gargoyles of Notre Dame.
This volume incudes over 1,000 renderings of designs from ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Middle East: winged lions, harpies, griffins, satyrs, dragons, and more. Medieval centuries are represented by a wealth of monsters, demons, centaurs, and other creatures from The Book of Kells, anonymous Viking artists, and the works of Hieronymus Bosch, Dürer, and others. Global in scope, this vast trove also includes hundreds of non-European imagery: papier-mache masks from Latin America, Oriental deities and demons, feathered serpents from pre-Columbian Aztec and Mayan sources, Navajo sand paintings, and more.

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Olmec. 9. Dragon’s head, decoration, Panama. Plate 140. PRE-COLUMBIAN CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. 1. Dual headed dragon-bird, decoration from ceramic dish, Panama. 2. Lizard-like creature, from a vase, A.D. 500–800, Las Mercedes, Costa Rica. 3. Gold ornament, ca. A.D. 1000, Colombia. 4. Double-headed monster, from a ceramic dish, Panama. 5. Monster, gold and inlaid emerald, Panama. 6. Bird with antennae of serpents, gold ornament, Panama. 7. Fantastic creature, ocarina, Costa Rica. 8. Winged

fountain in the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitoria (Bataiha), near Aljubarrota, Portugal. 4. From a frieze by Michelangelo, San Lorenzo, Florence. 5. From America, by Jan van Kessel, 1664–66. 6. Gate of Hell, from the Garden of Pierfrancesco Orsini, 16th century. Plate 53. EUROPE. 1. Border decoration. 2. Dragon, from a cast-iron candle holder, ca. 1900. 3. Decoration from a gateway in Lincoln’s Inn, London, 1848. 4. Ox (symbol of St. Luke), from a relief, Cathedral Baptistery, Cividale,

Bird-man, from a painting on a sago leaf, New Guinea. 3. Cult figure, wood and cowrie shells, the Sepik Low- lands, New Guinea. 4. Ancestor spirit, wooden lodge pole, New Guinea. 5. Suspension hook, Sepik River area, New Guinea. 6. Patron god of fishermen, Taringa-Nui, wood. Plate 117. MELANESIA, OCEANIA. 1. Adaro, the fish-man, San Cristobal, Solomon Islands. 2. Demonic figure, from pottery, New Guinea. 3. Sea demon, drawing on paper, Solomon Islands, 20th century. 4. War god, wood, from a

B.C. 3. Panther-bird, from a Corinthian amphora, 650 B.C. 4. The Minotaur, from a Corinthian amphora, 5th century B.C. 5. Harpy, from an amphora. Plate 8. ANCIENT GREECE AND SCYTHIA. 1. Winged lion with ram’s horns and serpent’s tail, Scythian gold of Greek manufacture. 2. Harpy, from a cup. 3. Winged youth, from a vase. 4. Griffin, Scythian gold of Greek manufacture. Greek manufacture. 5. Satyr, from an amphora from Nola. 6. Sea serpent, Scythian gold pendant of Greek manufacture. 7. Winged

Copán. Plate 133. PRE-COLUMBIAN AMERICA: Maya. 1. God of death, stone altar, Copán. 2. Throne of the Red Jaguar, Chichén Itzá. 3. Stone gargoyle, Copán. 4. Stone mask, CopSn. 5. Stone altar, Copán. 6. Grotesque face from vessel. 7. Grotesque head, stone. 8. Altar with two heads. 9. Dragon head, water spout, Copán. 10. Feathered serpent with human head in its jaws, Chichén Itzá. 11. Dragon’s head, from a marble vase, Ulua Valley, Honduras. Plate 134. PRE-COLUMBIAN AMERICA: Maya and

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