Treasures Lost, Treasures Found

Treasures Lost, Treasures Found

Nora Roberts

Language: English

Pages: 464


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


Kate Hardesty had inherited a pile of mysterious ocean charts. Her practical, no-nonsense father had had a dream—sunken treasure—and he'd left a map leading to a gold-laden ship.

Determined to complete her father's explorations, she turned to the only man with the ability to tackle the treacherous dive deep beneath the Atlantic: Ky Silver.

Kate had left Ky four years ago, frightened of the needs he awoke in her, yet now she needed him more than ever. But working with Ky meant more than searching for gold pieces—it meant plunging her heart into the depths of love….

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try. As it happens, I need you to help me do it. You’ll be compensated.” “Will I?” He studied the liquid left in the beer bottle with a half smile. “Will I indeed?” “I need you, your boat and your equipment for a month, maybe two. I can’t dive alone because I just don’t know the waters well enough to risk it, and I don’t have the time to waste. I have to be back in Connecticut by the end of August.” “To get more chalk dust under your fingernails.” She sat back slowly. “You have no right to

hazy again. She knew he’d been angry, though she couldn’t remember why. At the moment, it was more important to her that she could put events in some sort of sequence. As she lay in the dark, fully awake and finally aware, she heard the sound of quiet, steady breathing beside her. Turning her head, Kate saw Ky beside her, hardly more than a silhouette with the moonlight just touching the skin of his chest so that she could see it rise and fall. He’d said he would stay, she remembered. And he’d

get around her with charm. “Perhaps I should shout instead.” “Like that too, but more…” He kissed one cheek, then the other. “I like to see you smile at me. The way you smile at nobody else.” Her skin was already beginning to warm. No, he might not get around her with charm, but…he’d distract her from her point if she wasn’t careful. “I’d be bored, that’s all. If I have to sit here, hour after hour with nothing to do.” “I’ve got lots of books.” He slipped her nightshirt down her shoulder then

turned to the wheel. He’d already decided he’d have to approach his relationship with Kate as he’d approach a very deep, very dangerous dive—with an eye on currents, pressure and the unexpected. “That chart’s in the cabin,” he told her as he cut the engine. “You might want to look it over while I’m down.” She agreed with a nod, but the restlessness was already on her as Ky began to don his equipment. She didn’t want to make an issue of his diving alone. He wouldn’t listen to her in any case; if

The hull was sanded and sealed and painted, waiting for Ky to take it outside and attach the mast. It was lovely, clean and simple. Just looking at it, Kate could imagine the way it would flow with the wind. Free, light and clever. “It’s beautiful, Ky. I always wondered…” She broke off as she read the name printed boldly on the stern. Second Chance. “That’s all I want from you,” Ky told her, pointing to the two words. “The boat’s yours. When I started it, I thought I was building it for me.

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