Transgender warriors; making history from Joan of Arc to Rupaul.

Transgender warriors; making history from Joan of Arc to Rupaul.

Leslie Feinberg

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Transgender Warriors leaves us with a sense that a transgendered concept of what it is to be fully human and psychologically whole is both valid and nothing new. A brief review cannot do justice to this amazing resource, not only for our communities , but for the world. ( back of cover)

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ma1es. ’씬 The concept of nadleeh, he although they may be. People might explained, is incorporated into Nav갱O choose their gender according to their O디밍n or creation stories. “So, it is a cul­ dreams, for example. So even the idea tura1 construction," he wrote, “없ld was that your gender is something you part of the normal Navajo culture, from dream about is not even a the concept in Western culture - through the nineteenth cen­ Nav갱o which posits you are born a tury. It began

religious beliefs and laws began to reflect the in terests of the small group who owned the wealth and their struggle to strengthen their control over the majority. The communal religious beliefs ofthe Hebrews had not been fundamentally dif ferent from that of other polytheis디c tribal-based religions of that region. They wor­ shipped numerous deities, including Yahweh. 50 where did tr뻐s-phobic and gender-phobic laws in Deuteronomy spring from? Deuteronomy flat1y condemns cross강ressing: "The

female­ tc←male expression was specifically censured, even for the pious. Saint Jerome denounced it in the fourth century, and a canon of the Synod of Ver in the ninth century demonstrates that the Church had encountered and condemned σans­ gendered females centuries before Joan of Arc was born. The canon stated, “Ifwomen who choose chastity in the cause of religion either take on the clothes of a man or cut their hair, in order to appear false to others, we resolve that they should be admonished

mandatory. But 1 also observed other loves - between girls and boys, and boys and boys, and girls and girls. There was the love of kids and dogs in my neighborhood, soldier buddies in foxholes in movies, students and teachers at school. Passionate, platonic, sensual, dutiful, devoted, reluctant, loyal, shy, reverent. Yet 1 was taught there was only one offìcial meaning of the word love- the kind between men and women that leads to Part One / Ch 1 Thejourηey Be,한ns 3 RlGHT: The author at

are trying to crush the trade unions, as well as the gains, like Social Security, unemployment, and welfare, won by militant sσuggles over the last seven decades. At a time when there is no rea1 economic safety net for most working people and our standard of living is under attack, is it any wonder that we are witnessing well­ coordinated state-by-state ba110t campaigns to strip lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and trans people of any recourse against discrimination by characterizing our progres­ sive

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