Transforming the Patient Experience: A New Paradigm for Hospital and Physician Leadership

Transforming the Patient Experience: A New Paradigm for Hospital and Physician Leadership

Language: English

Pages: 74

ISBN: 3319169270

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book provides an organizational model of the common ground needed to improve patient care and adapt to today’s healthcare environment. The relationship between a hospital CEO and a general surgeon and how they aligned, motivated and partnered with physicians to change the culture of a hospital and implement patient oriented systems is the essential element of this text. Sustainable transformation processes will also be presented for the various roles and contributions of the healthcare team. Written from a team perspective, Transforming the Patient Experience is a practical guide for healthcare team members and leaders to follow.

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if such records include the date, time, duration, specific nature of the Services provided, and note the name of Physician as being in attendance. 26 5 Physician Champions 1.7 CVHP Policies and Procedures. Physician shall comply with all policies, procedures and protocols of CVHP, as adopted and/or amended by CVHP from time to time. CVHP may revise, supplement or terminate any policy, practice or procedure at any time in CVHP’s sole discretion. 1.8 Continuing Education and Professional

University of Southern California School of Medicine. In 2005, he was appointed Professor (tenured) at the Department of Ophthalmology and Preventive Medicine, University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles. Since 2014, Dr. Varma has been Professor and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology, USC Eye Institute, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles. During his distinguished career he has been the recipient of various honors, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology

opportunities in your area that might make your life easier or have a positive impact on patient care. When improvement teams start forming, volunteer to join one of them, or participate in the project progress reports or repot-outs. 8. If the goal is for the entire health system to utilize RPI concepts in our daily work, how will that come to fruition if only a few select people get the in-depth training? Although the full breadth and rigor of the training process make ti impossible for all

employees to be trained at once, leadership envisions some level of Lean Six Sigma and change management training for all employees. Our strategy is to seed the organization with trained staff that will use their skills while working with their colleagues, thus spreading enthusiasm and establishing a comfort level with RPI methods throughout the health system. The use of RPI as a strategy to achieve improvement goals will proliferate within CVHP as more and more people are trained formally or

and the physician has not yet given additional orders the RN may call the pharmacist for an additional dose of analgesic 1× only. (At least 30 min after the last dose.) 7. If the physician declines to order additional analgesics this protocol will not be initiated. 8. A Pharmacist will follow up with the RN/patient to assess the effects of the supplemental dose. Chronic Pain Management Is a Palliative Care Journey A few years ago, I operated on a patient with abdominal pain and a palpable

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