Town Tamer (Shawn O'Brien, Book 1)

Town Tamer (Shawn O'Brien, Book 1)

William W. Johnstone, J. A. Johnstone

Language: English

Pages: 183

ISBN: 2:00239215

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From acclaimed storytellers William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone, who brought us The Brothers O'Brien, comes an explosive new series featuring the gunslinging O'Brien who brought peace, law, and order to the American frontier... one bullet at a time.

Unlike his brothers Jacob, Sam and Patrick, Shawn O'Brien isn't content to settle down on the family ranch in New Mexico territory. With his razor-sharp eye, lightning-fast draw, and burning thirst for justice, Shawn is carving out a reputation of his own. As a town tamer he takes the most dangerous, lawless towns in the West and makes them safe for decent men, women, and children. When a stagecoach accident leaves Shawn stranded in Holy Rood, Utah, it doesn't take long to realize he's landed in one ornery circle of hell. Ruled by a cruel and cunning crook-turned-merciless dictator named Hank Cobb, Holy Rood is about as unholy a place as any on the frontier. Anyone who breaks Cobb's rules is severely punished. Anyone who defies Cobb's hooded henchmen dies by rope, stake, or guillotine.

But Shawn O'Brien isn't just anyone. He's the town tamer. And this time, he's going to paint the town red...

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“He’ll get his chance. I plan to take the town away from him.” “Why? The people of Holy Rood are nothing to you.” The wind tugging at him, Shawn said, “I’m doing it for a young cowboy.” Wolfden nodded. But he said nothing. Shawn waited, expecting a you-got-to-be-crazy comment, but when none was forthcoming, he said, “We can ride double on my horse until you find your own.” “I’ll bring him,” Wolfden said. He raised his head and made a strange huffing sound, barely audible above the shriek of

robe and carpet slippers said. “Perhaps we must flee and establish a new Holy Rood away from all danger,” a woman said. Cobb shook his head. “No. That is not the way.” “Then ease our minds and show us the way, Brother Matthias,” a voice from the crowd said, to nods of approval. “I say we execute outsiders with evil in their hearts right away and not keep them for trial before the Grand Council like we did the witch and the two men with her,” the fat man said. This brought another murmur of

Rood.” There were a flurry of cheers and a few shouted questions, but Cobb held up his arms for quiet. Ignoring the gesture, a thin, older woman, her mouth as tight and mean as a snapped-shut steel purse, raised her voice and yelled, “More rolling heads! It is the Lord’s wish.” “Indeed it is, madam,” Cobb said. “But first we must replace the holy warriors we lost with more heroes of the same stamp. The terror riders and the witch who now leads them must be hunted down and destroyed.”

and the night has ears.” “But there’s no one to hear it but me,” Carstairs said. The lit candle lamp in his hand guttered in the wind. “The whole town is asleep, as good Christian folk should be.” The old man looked irritated. “If it’s about the tithe, can’t it wait until morning?” Shannon shook his head. “Sorry, Brother Carstairs, but I was ordered to deliver the message tonight.” Carstairs sighed. “Oh, very well then, come in, but make it quick.” “So quick you’ll hardly notice,” Shannon

O’Brien?” Sedley said. Shawn pulled his mind into the present. “Yeah,” he said, “I’m fine, just fine. I . . . I just remembered something.” Sally Bailey’s eyes met his, searched deep and saw inside him. The woman had the Celtic gift, Shawn knew. And what he saw in his mind, she saw. His eyes broke from Sally’s steady gaze and he said to Platt, “Where was I? Oh, yeah, we ride into Holy Rood and dicker with Cobb for Wolfden.” The little man’s gaze was just as intense as Sally’s had been.

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