Tiger Force: A True Story of Men and War

Tiger Force: A True Story of Men and War

Michael Sallah, Mitch Weiss

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0316066354

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The last great secret of the Vietnam War is revealed in a gripping book that is the culmination of efforts for which the authors received a Pulitzer Prize for investigative
reporting. TIGER FORCE is the searing story of a group of elite army soldiers in Vietnam who spun dangerously out of control and went on a horrific seven-month rampage. It is also the story of how these crimes, buried by the army for decades, at last came to light through the heroic persistence of a few individuals who could not forget.

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surprised by the call. Reluctantly, he agreed to talk about the investigation, a case he said was troubling and “the hardest investigation of my career.” Sallah asked whether there was ever a court-martial. Apsey said he couldn’t talk about it. “I’m retired, but technically, I can still be recalled to active duty. I can’t say anything else about this case.” He did admit he didn’t recall any hearing. Over the next few months, the reporters began tracking down scores of former Tigers who served

treating soldiers with their limbs blown off and, in some cases, watching them die. It was so hard for him to forget the faces of men begging him to make the pain go away. The only thing he could do was shoot them up with morphine. Restocking his kit, he made certain there was sufficient liquid morphine; he had a dreadful feeling about Quang Ngai that perhaps no amount of pain killer would be enough. Returning to his sleeping bag, Teeters tried once again to sleep. CHAPTER 3 A red sun

about 50 years old. I think he wore shorts and some kind of top. The baskets he carried contained fowl; I think they were geese. There is no question that the old man was unarmed. QUESTION: Do you know the reason why this old man was killed? HEANEY: Maybe he irritated them by his screaming. His screaming was loud enough to give our position away. There was no justifiable reason that the old man had to be killed. His screaming could have been restrained in many other ways. The fact that the old

Clint told us Tiger Force members committed atrocities, but he took DiMario’s advice and kept quiet about war crimes. Clint, however, did hint to DiMario that there were serious problems with the fighting unit. For the section about the meeting between Apsey and Barnett in Loretto, Tennessee, we drew on extensive interviews and CID records related to the Tiger Force case. Our account of Barnett sending his medals to the White House was based on interviews with family members and newspaper

ground. He rose again and began to run. From a distance, Sawyer, unaware the man had been ordered to run, looked up and noticed the prisoner was staggering away. “Dung Lai!” Sawyer yelled, meaning “halt.” When the man didn’t stop, Sawyer pointed his M16 and fired a shot, the bullet piercing the man’s neck. Now both were dead. Bowman, who turned around long enough to watch the shooting, covered his face. He had seen too much. To him, it was murder. “I couldn’t take it,” he recalled. He had

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