This Wicked Rush (Wild Rush) (Volume 1)

This Wicked Rush (Wild Rush) (Volume 1)

J. Evans

Language: English

Pages: 504

ISBN: 1940848210

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"A steamy, high-octane love story that will have you wondering how far you'd go if you stopped playing by the rules." -New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely


If loving him is bad, I don't want to be good. 
I would die for any one of my little brothers or my baby niece, but I don't know how I can live without Gabe. 
Every moment with Gabe is hotter, better, sweeter than the last. 
I know I'm playing with fire, but for him I'm willing to beg to be burned. 

We're going too far, too fast. 
This is more than a summer fling. More than just stealing from the rich to feed the poor. 
If I really love her, I'll walk away and stay the hell out of her life. But I can't. 
Even though I know that if we're not careful, our next rush might be our last. 

The Wild Rush Series 
BOOK 1: This Wicked Rush (Caitlin and Gabe 1)
BOOK 2: One Perfect Love (Caitlin and Gabe 2)
BOOK 3: This Sweet Escape (Danny & Sam 1) 
BOOK 4: One Beautiful Revenge (Danny & Sam 2)

Pleasure Under the Sun


A Reason to Be Alone (Camdyn, Book 2)

Fighting to Forget (Fighting, Book 3)

Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want From Sex And How To Get It

Because of You













no more hiding. I will slip out of this fuzzy state of shock, and slip into a very different emotional state. One that won’t be conducive to ending things with the only girl I’ve ever loved, and that won’t be any good for anyone. It’s time to end it—quickly, cleanly—to cut myself off from Caitlin like a rotten limb before I can further infect her life. I tell my parents I’m going for a drive and will be back before dinner, leaving the sitting room without answering my mother’s inquiry as to how

of juvie, I need to make sure Danny has adult supervision while I’m at work. But adult supervision costs a pretty penny, almost more than I can afford, even with a full time waitressing job, a part time gig selling popcorn at the movie theater, and a subsidy from the state. After paying for daycare last summer, I took home less than four hundred dollars a week. That’s sixteen hundred dollars a month to feed, clothe, and shelter a family of five—six if you count my father. Since he’s been

full of love and pain and relief. “I’m feeling better. He’s dead?” I nod, not trusting myself to say the words out loud. I’m holding together so far, but eventually the knowledge that I’ve killed a man is going to penetrate and I’m going to be devastated. Or not, which would be devastating in its own way. Gabe blinks, but doesn’t seem surprised, or displeased. “Then we should start…taking care of things. We might not have much time.” I shake my head. “Tell me what’s wrong. Are you sick? Is

give you false hope, but there is something strange going on, and I’m going to help you figure out what it is. I already called Carla, and she told me to take the rest of the week off. She lost her husband last year. She told me to stay and be here for you, and that’s what I’m going to do. So…where do we start digging for more clues?” I take a shaky breath, hope and fear mixing inside of me to form a cocktail far more eye-opening than any cup of coffee. “There’s only one place I can think of. I

a dinner and silent auction, a hayride and bonfire, and a holiday ball. “Tonight you’ll be bidding on a date to the rest of our fundraising events,” Mitzy said. “Each Friday, you and your firefighter escort will enjoy the festivities we have planned, culminating in the Fireman’s Ball, where you’ll be guests of honor and we’ll announce how much we’ve raised. We hope the entire town will turn out to support these events, and we know seeing our brave men—” “And woman!” a feminine voice called out

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