Thief of Hearts

Thief of Hearts

Teresa Medeiros

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0553590146

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Prim and pampered, Lucina Snow knew little of men and nothing of danger, until the fog-shrouded night she found herself abducted—and at the mercy of the legendary Captain Doom. Ruthless and mocking, tender and virile, the notorious pirate awakened all Lucy's passionate longings, then abandoned her with nothing but a kiss...

Now safely at home, the alluring waif is tormented by treacherous memories—and by the presence of Gerard Claremont, her mysterious new bodyguard. Everything about him, from his forbidding size to his impertinent manner, sparks her defiance. And even when Gerard's smile turns seductive, no one can make her forget Doom. Yet only when Lucy's path crosses the captain's once more, will she learn who is on a voyage of retribution, and who is out to steal her heart...

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blaming Eve ever since the spineless Adam had partaken of the apple she offered him. By nightfall Lucy would be safely aboard the Argonaut, cradled once again in the blustering bosom of her father. A pain seized his heart, fierce and unexpected, but he willed it away with the same resolve that had enabled him to spend five years in darkness without going mad. It wasn’t as if he had any choice in the matter. Regardless of how hardily she’d adapted since her kidnapping, a girl of Lucy’s delicate

foaming at the mouth with rage. She was spared fabricating a suitable reply by the abrupt shift of Lord Howell’s attention to the fo’c’sle behind her. The Earl’s mouth fell open in disbelief. “Claremont? Is that you, fellow? I thought you’d skulked off in shame after the abduction. Good God, I hadn’t realized Lucien had hired you to rescue his little girl. What a splendid job you’ve done! You’re quite the hero, aren’t you?” Lucy held her breath, afraid to even blink for fear her expression

woman, little more than a girl, with the same bell-shaped flowers twined in her dark hair. Her mischievous smile was marred by an aura of indefinable sadness. The sketchbook was snatched from his hands. “Mr. Claremont! What in blazes do you think you’re doing?” Lucy stood over him, her hair damp, her silk negligee clinging to her body in all the wrong places. She hugged the sketchbook to her chest as if to shield both it and herself from his hungry gaze. Gerard’s excuses failed him, driven from

snapped from memory. Feet together like a little lady. But Lucy could not bring her feet together. They were bound to opposite chair legs, making her feel exposed, vulnerable, and in the wake of the Admiral’s imaginary rebuke, deeply ashamed. The stranger’s gaze seared her cheeks, but she refused to avert her face from his scrutiny. Her jaw was beginning to ache from being clamped so hard. She could almost envision him standing arrogantly before her, his legs braced against the faint swell and

Lucy inexplicably felt as if she’d been robbed of something precious. “What if someone in London had recognized you? My father? His alleged henchman? One of Lord Howell’s guests?” “Your father was already lamed when he hatched his plot. I have reason to believe he never saw me, except from a distance. My appearance has also changed drastically since my brief tenure of fame. I sported a beard for one thing.” Lucy lowered her gaze, remembering his beard only too well, the teasing prickle of it

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