The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired: 107 Job Hunting Secrets That Employers Do Not Want You To Know

The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired: 107 Job Hunting Secrets That Employers Do Not Want You To Know

Landon Long

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1439254788

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Job hunting advice and interview books are a dime a dozen. What makes this one so special?

In this uniquely written job hunting novel, career expert Landon Long takes you through the story of Adrian Adler who's faced with the ultimate career crisis: Finding a job in a troubled economy. Will he succeed? Will he fail? Will companies give him the time of day with so many candidates to choose from? Landon's utterly gripping tale serves as a timeless reminder that having the right mentor is just as important as having the right qualifications when it comes to succeeding at your job search and landing your dream job.

Warning: Do Not Read This Book Unless You Want To Learn The Secret To Getting A Good Job In 2012!

This is the modern job seeker's "bible" of proven job interview tips, tricks and techniques designed to reflect today's competitive job market. Whether your dream is to work for a Fortune 500 company, earn in the top 7% of entry-level salaries, or just to be able to pay off all the student loans you've racked up over the years, this book is your blueprint.

Here's a VERY partial list of what you'll learn:

* The unconscious system employers use to INSTANTLY classify candidates (HINT: it has nothing to do with GPA or Experience... and when you know how it works and how to trigger it, employers will NATURALLY place you at the top of their "MUST HIRE" lists every time) - Ch. 2

* If you don't know the right way to use body language, you're probably telegraphing the message "I'm not a person you should hire"... BEFORE YOU'VE EVEN SPOKEN WITH THEM. I'll show you the RIGHT way to sit across from your interviewer, and the WRONG way to do it as well. - Ch. 5

* What to do when the employer offers you a salary for less than what you're worth... Here's a quick and easy way to negotiate for more money... without looking like you're greedy (this is a secret that no one has had the balls to tell you before now) - Ch. 6

* Ever get frustrated with not knowing who to address your cover letter to because almost every job posting you come across won't include a contact name? Here's a quick and easy 'secret technique' I use to figure it out. - Ch. 1

* A simple, 3-step process to instantly eliminate "interview anxiety"... you'll be able to "charge yourself up" with confidence anytime you want, and talk to employers in any situation - Ch. 5

* And much, MUCH more...

Landon Long has written this compelling fable with a powerful yet deceptively simple message for all job seekers who strive to land a job in a tough economy. There really isn't a better book out there that provides both entertainment and proven job hunting and interview advice.

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try to think like the business you’re applying for. Ask yourself these questions: One: Who is my prospective employer and interviewer? Two: What problems and frustrations are they facing? How can I alleviate those? Three: What is the result or outcome that our prospective employer wants to achieve? And, furthermore, how can YOU help them achieve it?” I agreed with him. It made total sense. He continued, “We have to realize that words have power. When you’re writing your life accomplishments on

help.” “No problem.” She handed me a business card and told me to give her a call if I ever needed anything. “Will do,” I said. “You’re a bright kid, Adrian. And I can tell that you’re a good person. I have a feeling you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what the universe has in store for you.” She walked toward the door and I turned back to the bar. It was about time I went home as well. It had been a long day and I needed a few cups of water and a good sleep. I finished the beer and stared at

floor… I pushed the button. Moments later the elevator stopped at the fifth floor. A chubby old man hobbled inside and pressed the button for floor six. Give me a break! WHY? Why couldn’t he have taken the stairs? I struggled to re-tuck my shirt and straighten my tie, checking myself in the brass walls of the elevator. The old man got off and I pressed the CLOSE DOOR button a million times as fast as I could. The elevator lurched upward and opened, and I was suddenly face to face with two

are most qualified for the job but have terrible résumés and sub-par interviewing skills. These types of people are called the true Under Dogs of the job market, and they miss opportunities every day because of their sub-par presentation skills. “The second type are what we call Smooth Talkers. They’re really good at promoting themselves in a way that lands them almost any job they want. They have a natural ability to market themselves. Although, most, if not all, of these types of people are

tell you, we’ve had a whole slew of guys just like you come in here and tell us the exact same things. Why should I hire YOU instead of them?” I turned from 45 degrees and faced him straight on, mirroring his directive posture and meeting his eyes. I rested my forearms on the table and shook my head to let him know that I understood his conundrum and had an excellent answer. “What separates me from the pack is my ability to learn, to apply what I learn immediately, and to make the right choices

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