The Turing Test (Doctor Who Series)

The Turing Test (Doctor Who Series)

Language: English

Pages: 242

ISBN: 0563538066

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Set during World War II, this story finds the Doctor caught up in the code breaking activities of the Bletchley Park workers. He is arrested after making contact with Alan Turing but inevitably ends up taking on the SS in war-torn Vienna.

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for me to follow. ‘How sober are you?’ he asked, over our first drink. His gaze wandered around the bar, fixing on a pretty woman who was sitting on her own. He examined her fiercely, making it so obvious that she looked away, embarrassed. ‘I’m fairly sober,’ I said. ‘And careful, from what I gather. Until our persuasive friend came along.’ I nodded. ‘There’s no point in being otherwise.’ ‘Hmm. I think it’s all an act. You’re careful because you want to be a good little boy.’ ‘I do it

there was an edge of harshness in his voice. ‘Get married, Mr Turing. That’s what I suggest. A man don’t get married, he gets cynical. Forgets what life is really all about. It’s like that song – “birds do it, bees do it”. Making carbon copies is life, Mr Turing. That –’ he waved out of the carriage window, and I saw that a train was grinding past on the next track loaded with canvas-sheathed field guns – ‘that’s death. There isn’t anything else, just life and death. You think there is, when

as a bad sign. 153 Chapter Twenty I’ve never mentioned the court martial before. It’s not the kind of thing you tell to kindly biographers, and a fortunate accident happened to the military records (I wonder how, Doctor). Kurt Vonnegut knows – I told him in one of those alcohol-driven, god-like, literary moments at about 3 a.m. in 1956 – but he’ll keep it quiet. However, since I have no intention of allowing anyone to see this crazy manuscript until I am, as Greene so neatly puts it, ‘safely

gap. ‘As long as Elgar’s around – anywhere – these people can’t go,’ he explained. ‘He interferes with the encryption appa-ratus.’ ‘I’m sorry?’ ‘They’re going to encode themselves,’ Turing told me. His face was earnest, excited and innocent. ‘This –’ he waved at the bright room around us – ‘is a quantum resonator.’ He made it sound like a small god. ‘They’ll leave as quantum particles. They’re able to turn matter itself into a code!’ For the first time I noticed that the curved space didn’t

to be real. He was a machine on the march, a digest of everything that wasn’t human. They didn’t talk very much, and what little they said was in German. I waited while they waited, watched them watching, trying not to be too obvious, trying to be a good spy. After about half an hour I tired of sitting there under the suspicious gaze of the German waiters and shuffled out, hoping I wouldn’t be asked anything by the very large doorman, who had argued with Elgar and Greene on their way in. He

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