The Trap (The Butlers #1)

The Trap (The Butlers #1)

Kimberley Chambers

Language: English

Pages: 317

ISBN: 0008214344

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The heir to Martina Cole’s crown with a story of murder, the underworld, violence and treachery.

The Butlers are the kings of the East End

Vinny and Roy Butler are the apple of their mum’s eye. Queenie knows they can play dirty, but when it comes to family they look after business and make her proud. Nothing and no one can bring them down.

Brotherly love

But Vinny seems to have crossed the wrong person and his cards are marked. And with the brothers joined at the hip, Roy may just be in the firing line too…

Deadly rivals

One bloody night sets Vinny on the path of desperate vengeance, but will the Butlers emerge stronger than ever, or is the East End code of honour as good as dead?

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would back his innocence surrounding Karen’s demise to the hilt. Vinny smiled as Karen returned from the toilet. ‘’Ere you go, babe. To us,’ he toasted, handing Karen another glass of bubbly. Within ten minutes, Vinny saw Karen’s eyes begin to droop, and soon after she began to slur her words. Excusing himself from the table, Vinny walked up to the tiny bar and spoke to Nick. ‘I think Karen has taken something again, mate. She seemed fine until she went to the toilet, now look at the state of

able to have one. ‘I don’t know, but he said hurry up because he’s in prison.’ Vinny dashed out to the bar area. The phone in his office was definitely on the blink as it hadn’t bloody rung again. ‘Hello,’ Vinny said, putting the receiver to his ear. ‘It’s me. Just thought you’d want to know the shit has hit the fan. He’s gone mental apparently. Had to be put in solitary.’ Vinny smirked. ‘Did the old woman visit?’ he asked. He and Scottish Pat never used names on the phone but both knew who

eyebrows to the ceiling at the mention of the jukebox. He had been totally against purchasing such an object. He had finally relented when Mary explained her exact reasons for wanting one. ‘I don’t want ours to be like some grotty old transport café, Donald. I want it to be vibrant and modern. If we buy the jukebox outright, just think of the extra income we will earn with people putting all their pennies in. We don’t want a café full of old-age pensioners, do we? We want to attract a younger

said Dave did, do you?’ Johnny turned to his mate and gave him a manly hug. Keith was the only real friend he had made since moving out to Tiptree in Essex, and he was the only one Johnny had ever trusted to tell about his past. ‘You look after yourself, Keith, and don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. I need to get revenge for my pal’s death. An eye for an eye an’ all that. Only I can make sure Vinny Butler gets his comeuppance.’ Knowing how his elder brother was prone to flying off the handle,

when he played Rod Stewart’s current chart hit ‘Maggie May’ Karen and Nancy both chuckled as Little Vinny appeared in front of them wiggling his tiny hips. ‘Aw, he is so gorgeous, isn’t he?’ Nancy gushed. ‘Not always. He can be a little sod at times, but can’t they all? Have you and Michael discussed having children yet? I’d like another one, but I don’t want them to have different fathers, and Vinny and I aren’t really together at the moment.’ ‘We haven’t been together that long, so no,

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