The Tao of Survival: Skills to Keep You Alive

The Tao of Survival: Skills to Keep You Alive

James Morgan Ayres

Language: English

Pages: 161


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Tao of Survival focuses on real-world, core survival skills that can save your life anytime and anyplace, in any emergency situation. It delves into fundamental concepts that most survival books don’t cover, including how to deal with fear, developing mind/body skills, and fully engaging your senses to be aware of your surroundings.

James Morgan Ayres has worked as a consultant for various U.S. government agencies and private corporations, founded four companies, and lived and worked all over the world. He’s written seven books, taught seminars on the tao of survival and related subjects, and has been a student and teacher of Asian thought, martial arts, healing, and meditation for more than forty years. He currently lives in Southern California.

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continue to observe them as they stand and go about their business. Do they stand straight or bent? Do they lean to one side? If they stand crooked, is their posture due to bodily pain or something else? Observe their walk. Do they stride forward with confidence or do they step tentatively and unsurely? Do they move athletically or are they awkward and uncoordinated in movement? What is the nature of their voice? Is it loud or quiet, soft or grating to the ear? What does its tone and timbre tell

not lead to injury. The way that native and first peoples the world over run. A method that is in essence Taoist. But you don’t need a book to run. Follow these instructions, stay aware and focused and you can trust your own mind/body and its feelings and judgment. You certainly do not need, and do not want, so-called running shoes with a built-up heel and “motion control” construction that prevents the natural flexion and movements of your feet. Such shoes throw you off-balance, shorten your

see failure or imagine quitting, and both possibilities simply cease to exist. Stamina is a physical attribute and can be built by conditioning. Do the exercises in this book, including running and swimming if possible, or long, fast walks if you can do neither, and you’ll develop stamina. If you would like to develop more stamina, extend the duration of the exercises and increase the quantity. If you started at the beginning of this book and have worked your way through all of the exercises,

checking to see if you’re awake. But fear can make you stronger, faster, more agile, and able to think quickly and make the right decisions—if it’s controlled and channeled. Fear can also cause you to make decisions that can disable you and turn you into a whimpering puddle, and get you killed. Survivors are not controlled by fear; they make an ally of fear, welcome its arrival and use the enhanced abilities it brings with it. All fears, even small ones like fear of spiders and snakes, are like

that everything is cool and you’re in the right place and doing the right thing? If you do, that’s the Tao and you’re living and flowing with it. Feel its currents and eddies and gently guide your life to stay in its flow. Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a wall so hard you feel like a bug hitting a windshield at sixty miles an hour, that everything you do goes wrong and nothing is right and every time you pick yourself up you get knocked down again? You’re fighting upstream against the Tao.

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