The Sugar Detox: Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Look Years Younger

The Sugar Detox: Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Look Years Younger

Brooke Alpert MS RD

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0738216410

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sugar is the new controlled substance. The average American consumes up to 31 pounds of sugar a year, and a diet high in sugar can cause diabetes, obesity, and many other health crises. Our excess intake of sugar, from the white stuff on the table to the high-fructose corn syrup hidden in packaged foods, is not only making us sick, it’s making us fat and aging our skin. Now, nutritionist Brooke Alpert and dermatologist Patricia Farris team up in this revolutionary program that helps get the sugar out of your diet to recapture youthful skin and good health.

Designed to limit the amount of extra blood sugar, slim your waistline, increase your energy levels, and improve your skin, this combined approach to nutrition and skin care will make you feel—and look—better than you ever have before. The secret? A three-day detox plan to get the sugar out of your system and get you on the path to eating and living the healthiest way possible.

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chips, pretzels, and even 100-calorie packs (which he would eat at least three at a time). By increasing the amount of protein and fiber through his day, while reducing his sugar intake through the Sugar Detox plan, Jonathan was surprised how quickly and effectively the diet changed his habits and his health. “I was fine taking medication before, but now I realize I can control not only my blood sugar but also my cholesterol with the Sugar Detox.” 4 Sugar: Not So Sweet for Your Skin,

coffee per day max, with only 2 tablespoons of 2% or whole milk if desired •Unsweetened green and/or herbal tea, in unlimited amounts •Minimum 64 ounces of water (sodium-free sparkling water or club soda is okay) •Protein: minimum 3 servings of lean red meat, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish, eggs, tofu, or legumes (see box on page 94 for vegetarian/vegan options; see serving sizes for protein on page 7) •Dairy: 2 servings max of approved dairy (see page 96), plus an optional splash in

minutes. Remove from the heat. Let the mixture cool for 5 minutes, then slowly whisk in eggs. Spoon the mixture into a nonstick or greased twelve-compartment muffin tin and bake until puffy and set. Frittata FOOD GROUP(S): 1 DAIRY MEAL PLAN: WEEK 1 287.3 calories, 5.4 g carbohydrates, 20 g fat, 8.2 g saturated fat, 20.8 g protein, 1 g fiber, 802 mg sodium per serving This frittata blew both of us away the first time we tried it—so delicious, so satisfying, and so easy to make. It’s

Peanut Butter Co. Old Fashioned Smooth Peanut Butter 3-Day Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter (Crunchy or Creamy) 3-Day Sunbutter, Organic Unsweetened 3-Day Pastas/Grains/Noodles Annie Chun’s Rice Express Sprouted Brown Sticky Rice Week 4 Barilla Plus Pastas Week 3 Bionaturae 100% Whole Wheat Pastas Week 3 Casablanca Gardens Whole Wheat Couscous Week 3 DeCecco 100% Whole Wheat Pastas (Fusilli, Linguine, Penne Rigate, Spaghetti) Week 3 Eden Organic Pasta Kamut

Soup, 191 Broiled Grapefruit, 220 Cajun Dirty Brown Rice, 202 Cauliflower “Popcorn,”, 212 Ceviche, 189 Chia Pudding, 179 Chicken Fajitas, 199 Cottage Cheese–Oatmeal Pancakes, 179 Crabmeat and Caper Salad, 205 Dark Chocolate–Covered Strawberries, 218 Edamame Salad, 186 Fish Tacos with Roasted Peach Salsa, 207 Frittata, 182 Fruity “Sangria,” 222 Grilled Stone Fruit with Cinnamon-Spiced Ricotta Cheese, 221 Grilled Zucchini with Sage Goat Cheese Filling, 190 Haricots Verts with Mint,

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