The Shift Age

The Shift Age

David Houle

Language: English

Pages: 244

ISBN: 1402273908

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Shift Age is about humanity's new ere. As the Information Age gives way to the Shift Age, we are entering a time of
transformation and change that offers both great risk and incredible opportunity. Originally published in 2007, David Houle
identifies and explains the dynamics and forces that already have reshaped and will continue to reshape our world for the next
20 years. He comments from the front lines of the Shift Age on issues and topics that affect our lives. We have entered the final,
global stage of humanity's cultural, social and economic evolutionary journey: The Shift Age

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vehicles that use battery technology to market and asked for help to get GM there quickly and affordably. There is existing battery technology that can be used in cars, but it is either limited or expensive. The EV1 battery technology of the 1990s didn’t provide enough power and durability and wasn’t cheap enough to be practical for the larger auto market. Tesla Motors is bringing out its incredibly fast, high-performance electric sports car—but at $100,000. The reality of great numbers of us

mass-production company, so it needs a battery that can be manufactured in large quantities at low costs. If the electric car is to become transformative, the masses must be able to buy reliable, affordable, long-lasting electric cars that cost the same as gasoline-powered cars. Otherwise, it will be a technology available only to the rich and will have limited global effect. The questions to the executives at the battery briefing pointed out two dominant lines of questioning. The first is

excess compensation to the middleman. Today we can chose to use a travel agent or chose to use a stockbroker; we no longer have to, and, if we do, it is at a lower cost than 10 years ago. I always buy my airline tickets online because the information I need is available to me, the airlines usually make it the cheapest alternative, and it doesn’t take much time. I’m planning a summer trip to Europe with my son right now, and I’m using a travel agent. Why? Because he will save me time. It would

“Let’s meet for coffee” is as common a phrase today as “let’s meet for a drink” has been for decades. There have always been cultural and culinary cycles in society. We seem to still be on the upward slope of the coffee cycle in the United States. Why? I think there are several reasons, both due to the product itself and then to all the trappings and social practices that have grown up around the product. Simply put, caffeine is a stimulant. We all know this. One of the primary reasons we drink

entertainment medium, the movies. It was a rare movie produced in those days that did not have smoking on screen. World War II created another upsurge in smoking, as millions of GIs picked up the habit to temper the boredom and stress of combat. The 1945 numbers jumped to 341 billion and 3,449 per capita, or roughly half a pack a day for every person over the age of 18. The 20 years from 1945 to 1965 were the zenith of cigarette smoking in the United States. This was due both to it having become

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