The Shadowhand Covenant (Vengekeep Prophecies)

The Shadowhand Covenant (Vengekeep Prophecies)

Brian Farrey

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0062049321

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With more twists and turns than a palace vault and one unforgettable family of thieves, this second book in Brian Farrey's epic and critically acclaimed Vengekeep Prophecies trilogy will leave you breathless.

Trouble is brewing in the Five Provinces. Mysterious magical artifacts have gone missing from the royal vaults. Master thieves from a secret society known as the Shadowhands are disappearing. And without explanation, the High Laird has begun imprisoning the peaceful Sarosans.

Jaxter Grimjinx suspects all these things are connected, but after the tapestry fiasco that nearly destroyed Vengekeep, he knows better than to get involved. Then he and his parents receive a summons from the Shadowhands—a summons that they would be foolish to ignore—and Jaxter is thrust into the heart of the conspiracy. With the help of a few new friends and an old friend he would rather forget, Jaxter will have to delve deep into some long-buried and dangerous secrets.

A "rich fantasy" (Publishers Weekly, starred review) with a family of thieves that "couldn't be more likable" (Kirkus Reviews), the Vengekeep Prophecies trilogy takes everything you thought you knew about prophecies and spins it into pure magic. Don't miss the thrilling conclusion to the series, The Grimjinx Rebellion.

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opened my mouth to try plan B—the screaming-like-a-baby idea—but someone clamped a wet rag over my face. The earthy smell of camma bark infused in seris oil overwhelmed me, and I gasped in panic. According to the Formulary, the combination made a powerful sleeping draught. Gasping was a mistake. The heady aroma sent my head spinning. I was out cold a moment later. 5 Underground “The friendlier the smile, the deeper the cut.” —Ancient par-Goblin proverb When I awoke, I drew a deep breath in

the stampeding beast, screamed, and followed me. Entire tents flew over our heads as the vessapede made short work of the Sarosans’ homes. We aimed for the perimeter of the camp, hoping to follow the wall around to the exit. Just then, the second vessapede made its move. With a war cry, it lashed out at the Sarosans who had surrounded it and started ripping apart the other side of the camp. We changed course, choosing a path between broken tents that brought us closer to the exit. As we cleared

creature that shouldn’t exist. My whole life, I’d assumed it was made up, something to scare children. But every detail of the beast matched the bedtime story description, and a chill shot down my already frozen back. Bloodreaver. The bloodreaver’s head twisted as it regarded Reena. One of its jaws dropped, and a horrible, warbling scream vibrated in my chest. Reena quickly rolled out from under the creature and scrambled away in a half crawl, half run. Maloch scooped a still-smoking log from

ashwine. “And maybe as such,” the Dowager continued, “it’s best if we left legal interpretation to them and found more pleasant topics of conversation.” “Dessert!” Da said quickly and loudly. “Anyone for dessert? I made burnwillow crumble. Nanni’s favorite.” It wasn’t time for dessert. In fact, we’d all barely touched the food on our plates. I offered a silent prayer to any deity willing to listen that someone would change the subject. “So what are you and the Dowager working on at Redvalor

turned to run, but Callie stood her ground. “Callie, you’re an accomplice,” I said. “You have to come too.” She shook her head. “I told you. If you don’t stop Kolo, I can’t let the people here die. Sundown is in one hour. You’ve got half an hour to stop him. If you don’t show up at the palace gates to tell me you’ve succeeded, I’m going to warn the Palatinate and evacuate.” There was no arguing, and I couldn’t blame her. She understood the risk of evacuating, but it was better than sitting

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