The Semiperiphery of Academic Writing: Discourses, Communities and Practices

The Semiperiphery of Academic Writing: Discourses, Communities and Practices

Language: English

Pages: 282

ISBN: 1349468703

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With researchers around the world are under increasing pressure to publish in high-profile international journals, this book explores some of the issues affecting authors on the semiperiphery, who often find themselves torn between conflicting academic cultures and discourses.

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may be significant. Indeed, it complies with English discourse norms in almost all respects: the sentences are relatively short and simple, with limited subordination; the information is presented directly, rather than embedded in an interpersonal framework; and the main facts (dates, names, events) are given in initial position. Indeed, the only real concession to Portuguese grammar in this extract is the use of the gerund in the second line (‘tendo por missão’). Extract 4: João Gouveia

as a working language, Spanish is in second or third position after Chinese and English (Otero 1995). The historians in Burgess et al. (2014) seemed to resent greatly the implication that, despite its strength as a world language, Spanish is only a world language in the semiperiphery and periphery. While it is hard to imagine that it will overtake English in the near future as the major language of research publication, there is definitely a rear guard action to promote and celebrate its use

2009). While individual priorities may differ, a common denominator is the participants’ genuine interest in their professional development and their desire to deepen their understanding of international requirements and discourse practices, as well as to refine complex sets of skills (Bardi and Muresan 2012). The existence of this programme is worth mentioning as evidence of institutional response to ministry guidelines, on the Changing Research Writing Practices in Romania 123 one hand, and

evidenced by perceptions and textual production. Many of these issues are worth investigating through further research. 7.3 Investigating perceptions We have combined survey, interview and textual data in order to build a comprehensive picture of perceptions about reporting research according to international journal standards and actual writing practices. Two main themes have guided the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data: challenges encountered by researchers and the possible

limited. The library closes at 5 pm, and because not much extra economic support is given to research, the academic staff wants to teach more classes and earn more through teaching. METU, Instructor: There are Individual Research Project grants supported by the university, but because of bureaucratic obstacles, you cannot buy the equipment you require on time. Conferences are only partially supported. In terms of resources, we need to buy most things by ourselves. METU, Assistant Professor:

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