The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (The Elric Saga, Book 2)

The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (The Elric Saga, Book 2)

Michael Moorcock

Language: English

Pages: 102

ISBN: 0583130992

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Forced to flee his city of Melnibone, Elric and his sorcerous blade Stormbringer journey through barren hills to the edge of a black sea. Elric finds a dark ship and begins a voyage that will bring him face-to-face with all the champions Time can summon--and more. Reissue.

This isn't the poorly edited epub version that's been floating around forever, although it is based on that. I edited it using my copy of the hardback collection of the 6 original Elric novels.

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during the short respite this sudden turn produced. His morale improved, he resumed the attack. The Lormyrian was cleaved from hip to pelvis as he dodged a feint; a Filkharian, who should have been dead four hundred years before, fell with the blood bubbling from lips and nostrils, and the corpses began to pile one upon the other. Still Stormbringer sang its sinister battle-song and still the runesword passed its power to its master so that with every death Elric found strength to slay more of

allow myself to be browbeaten." They had conversed in a murmur, but, somehow, Earl Saxif D'Aan had heard them. "I must let you know," he said evenly, in the common tongue, "that the girl is mine. You steal her from me. Is that the action of an emperor?" "She is not a slave," Elric said, "but the daughter of a free merchant in Jharkor. You have no rights upon her." Earl Saxif D'Aan said, "Then I cannot open the Crimson Gate for you. You must remain in my world forever." "You have closed the

the ship rocked back and forth in the water. He fought to clear his head. And then the incantation came to him. He was not sure if it was appropriate, but it was the only one he could recall. His ancestors had made pacts, thousands of years before, with all the elementals who controlled the animal world. In the past he had summoned help from various of these spirits but never from the one he now sought to call. From his mouth began to issue the ancient, beautiful, and convoluted words of

but I do not know you. I find this disconcerting, sir." "I, too, had never met Prince Corum before he came aboard," said Erekosë, "yet he insists we fought together once. I am inclined to believe him. Time on the different planes does not always run concurrently. Prince Corum might well exist in what we would term the future." "I had thought to find some relief from such paradoxes here," said Hawkmoon, passing his hand over his face. He smiled bleakly. "But it seems there is none at this

present moment in the history of the planes. Everything is in flux and even our identities, it seems, are prone to alter at any moment." "We were Three," said Corum. "Do you not recall it, Elric? The Three Who Are One?" Elric shook his head. Corum shrugged, saying softly to himself, "Well, now we are Four. Did the captain say anything of an island we are supposed to invade?" "He did," said Elric. "Do you know who these enemies might be?" "We know no more or less than do you, Elric," said

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