The Saboteurs (Men at War)

The Saboteurs (Men at War)

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Title: The Saboteurs <>Binding: Mass Market Paperback <>Author: W.E.B.Griffin <>Publisher: JoveBooks

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—Publishers Weekly THE CORPS The bestselling saga of the heroes we call Marines… “GREAT READING. A superb job of mingling fact and fiction…[Griffin’s] characters come to life.” —The Sunday Oklahoman “THIS MAN HAS REALLY DONE HIS HOMEWORK…I confess to impatiently awaiting the appearance of succeeding books in the series.” —The Washington Post “ACTION-PACKED…DIFFICULT TO PUT DOWN.” —Marine Corps Gazette HONOR BOUND The high drama and real heroes of World War II… “ROUSING…AN IMMENSELY

plumbing parts. “There’s probably a rubber hose back there,” Bayer said. “We could siphon some from another vehicle.” Koch nodded. “Yeah, good idea.” He looked at the glove box. “Just for the hell of it, check in there.” Bayer opened the glove box door and wads of discolored papers that had been crammed inside came pouring out. “What the…?” Bayer said as they fell in his lap and down to the filthy floorboard. He began picking through the mess. There were handwritten receipts on standard

Station, en route to the cabstand, when he noticed what appeared to be a heavier-than-normal presence of cops. Then he seemed to remember that there had been quite a few D.C. cops in Union Station. It struck him as odd that he was just now noticing it—I’m supposed to be more situationally aware than most people—but then he recalled that that famous sociologist, Dr. Whatshisface, found that everyone allowed people in uniform to be invisible to them. It was a fact not lost on criminals, who

scientists—including Enrico Fermi, Dyer’s friend and colleague from the University of Rome—working on a highly classified project led by Brigadier General Leslie Groves, Army of the United States. Code-named the Manhattan Project, it traced its roots to when the brilliant Fermi had fled Mussolini’s fascism for the United States. Once in the U.S., Fermi naturally had become involved with a number of other eminent scientists, many of them also Europeans who had sought freedom in America. There

“Yeah. Plenty of room. I got a suite.” “Look, I can read these files anywhere. And I need to run down a lead there.” “Great!” “I can be there by—what?—after noon or so.” “Room six-oh-one.” “Six-oh-one. Got it.” [ TWO ] Robert Treat Hotel Newark, New Jersey 0815 7 March 1943 Richard Koch was sitting among a small crowd in the lobby. He was reading the Trenton Times and smoking a cigarette when he noticed one of the two young hookers from the night before come out of one of the

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