The Rothschilds: A Family Of Fortune

The Rothschilds: A Family Of Fortune

Virginia Cowles

Language: English

Pages: 206

ISBN: 0860072061

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Perhaps no other name in history can so truly encapsulate the phrase “rags to riches” as Rothschild does.

In the late eighteenth century, it was a gentle, astute Jew born in a Frankfurt ghetto, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, whose interest in old coins and canny investments would set the family on the path to becoming one of the most powerful dynasties of Europe.

Ennobled by the Austrian Emperor, soon the Rothschild name would become a household name.

Kings and princes, generals and businessmen, whether their move was political or economic, in a time of war or a time of peace, the controlling force behind them would be the Rothschild family.

Dazzlingly rich, the energetic, brilliant and downright extraordinary members of the Rothschild family were the force responsible for innovations in banking throughout the nineteenth century.

Times have changed and dynasties crumbled, but this marvellously rich history tells how the Rothschilds always endure.

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Politely and prudently Levi asked Nathan for proof of his wealth, but the hot-tempered suitor angrily refused, snapping that Levi could not do better than to give him all his daughters in marriage. Father Cohen was amused by the effrontery, and the wedding took place in October 1806, a month before the blockade was imposed. Hannah did not come empty-handed. She brought Nathan a dowry of £10,000. Nathan wrote to his father that he was confident that he could increase any funds entrusted to him

complaints, and lived in great luxury with his wife, Caroline Stern, the daughter of a rich Frankfurt merchant, and his two children, Amschel and Betty. Salomon had the same corpulent body, the same round face and reddish hair as his brothers. Yet of the five sons he was the most likeable. He had none of Nathan’s rudeness or James’ moodiness; he was, in fact, generous, smiling and amiable; and within a few years the Frankfurt banker, Moritz Bethmann, was writing from Vienna: ‘Salomon has won the

exaggerated, for in life all is apt to be well that ends well; and the Elector, who apparently remained permanently in the dark about the way his investments had been handled, was so surprised and delighted to receive back even more money than he had parted with, that he had nothing but praise for the Rothschilds. Although the article gained the brothers a short respite from attack by wrapping them in the impregnable respectability of dullness, it did not prevent them from making another dashing

hostilities, the French suffered a crushing defeat at Sedan. Constance de Rothschild wrote in her diary that when she entered the breakfast room she was struck by the dismay on the faces of her Uncle Lionel and Aunt, while Leonora’s eyes were red with tears. A fourth person, Mr. Bauer, looking gloomy and dark, stood at the table with a telegram in his hand. These were the words of the dispatch: ‘The Emperor [Napoleon] has surrendered himself to the King [of Prussia] and the army of forty

instructed to incorporate in his plans the best features of four châteaux. Waddesdon Manor took nearly seven years to complete, the first house party being given there in 1881. Guests were amazed to find the two towers of the Château de Maintenon; the chimneys of Chambord; the dormer windows of Anet; two versions of the staircase of Blois. Most of the furniture came from France where it once had been in the possession of the royal family, and priceless objets d’art included Savonnerie carpets,

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