The Rope: An Anna Pigeon Novel (Anna Pigeon Mysteries)

The Rope: An Anna Pigeon Novel (Anna Pigeon Mysteries)

Nevada Barr

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 1250008670

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Rope

Nevada Barr

It's 1995. Fresh off the bus from New York City, a broken-hearted 35-year-old named Anna Pigeon takes her first job as a park employee: a decidedly unglamorous, seasonal stint at the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area. On her day off, she goes hiking alone in the park―never to return. Her co-workers assume she's moved on since her cabin is cleaned out. But when Anna wakes up―trapped at the bottom of a well, naked, with no supplies and no memory of how she got there―she must draw upon all of her strength, courage, and skill to survive. Because whoever set Anna's trap isn't through with her yet…

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knees between their bodies. Chin tucked protectively into her shoulder, Anna hung on, hugging Bethy more tightly. Screaming, Bethy turned in Anna’s arms and tried to crawl away. Quick as a cat, Anna was on her back, her legs wrapped around Bethy’s waist, the chain between the handcuffs jerked tightly across her throat. As Bethy ran out of oxygen, the fight went out of her. Finally, she collapsed, facedown in the dirt, Anna riding her like a demented jockey. Muscles spent, throat dry and raw, it

Just like Tinker Bell. The thoughts crashed through Anna’s skull with the force of bricks knocked from a fifth-floor balcony. Options dwindled. She didn’t have the reserves left to outrun or outfight Regis. He was fit, fresh, and forty pounds heavier than she was. Her only hope was to disable—or kill—him. “Hey, Regis,” she said, those being the only words available to her at the moment. She hadn’t yet shouldered her pack. Clutching it over her stomach, she unzipped the side pocket

hard against hers, the faint scent of his aftershave tickling her nose. “I figured,” Gluck said. “I doubt there’s any other way to walk out of the Rope.” He stayed too close too long for Anna’s liking. “Breathe on your own side,” she commanded. Before the jar, she might have made room for him, might not have minded. She could have been polite or subtle. Maybe. She could hardly remember who she was back when she had her husband and not the monster as her constant companion. Steve moved back,

Daddy’s best friend or Daddy himself. On Fridays, when I do pro bono work at Pelican Bay, I meet the batterers and child abusers and murderers. I know they are the tip of the iceberg, the small percentage that get caught and their lawyers don’t get them a deal and the judge doesn’t throw out their case on a technicality and the victim doesn’t withdraw her accusation and the witnesses actually show up in court. “Of course we’re scared sometimes. Of course we sometimes feel helpless. Of course we

enforcement, and Steve did it every day. Jenny was impressed by the decision. She’d thought his vanity greater than his intelligence. Steve took the right seat. Anna and Jenny buckled themselves in back. Nearly a week had passed since Jenny saw the man now cooling his heels—and the rest of his anatomy—in Beatrice’s examining room. Houseboats were allotted two weeks on the water with any given group. If she’d met up with the partiers during their second week, by now they would have dispersed,

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