The Revenge of Moriarty: Sherlock Holmes' Nemsis Lives Again

The Revenge of Moriarty: Sherlock Holmes' Nemsis Lives Again

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 1605983977

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Now back in print after forty years: The second novel in John Gardner’s bestselling series of Victorian crime thrillers pitting Sherlock Holmes against the Napoleon of crime, Professor James Moriarty.

With riches accumulated from an American crime spree, Professor Moriarty proceeds to annihilate his enemies. He murders the leaders of Europe’s underworld one by one, then prepares his most hideous revenge for his arch-enemy, Sherlock Holmes. Will he succeed in this most terrible plan? 16 Pages of B&W Photographs

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overtaken by an avalanche, Mr Norton losing his life and his wife hovering near death for several months. She was, however, spared. Yet so distressed was she that a story went about which claimed that she too had perished.’ He allowed the facts to sink home. ‘Unhappily, Mr Norton died leaving very little provision for his widow, while she, in despair, was reluctant to face the world again. She has been living, these last years, in great and frugal simplicity: her singing voice gone, and her

praised the Jacobs brothers for the choice of the house, then immediately started in on the business. ‘You know what I wish concerning the punishers,’ he reminded Spear. ‘Get on with it as soon as it is convenient. For the time being they are not to come here during the hours of daylight. I will speak with them tomorrow night at ten. In all matters, remember that too much haste and flurry causes people to turn their heads and look closely. Too much commotion, sudden change, always gathers

considered that Grisombre, hungry for the reward, would leave little time before his arrival. In fact he expected him on the first night. He was correct in that assumption, and when the Dover train drew in, it was one of the lurkers, wearing the uniform of a porter, who first approached Grisombre and his pair of bodyguards, placing their four portmanteaux onto his trolley and responding, with a pulling of his forelock, to the instructions to take them to the Grosvenor Hotel. None of the Frenchmen

began. The police officer left, all smiles, bows and good wishes. Sanzionare lit a cigar and sat back to await the other policeman. He was in plain clothes and they had not met before. ‘You are a friend of Capitano Regalizzo perhaps?’ asked Sanzionare once they were seated. ‘I know him,’ said Arnaldo Meldozzi. ‘In fact, I know him quite well, but I am not here to talk about his problems, but yours, Signore.’ Sanzionare shrugged, lifting his right hand, palm upwards, in a gesture of giving. ‘I

your table?’ All this very low. Sanzionare rose and bowed, smiling and nodding, ‘It would be an honour to be allowed to share my table with you, Mr Smythe and Miss Smythe.’ As he pronounced the latter name, he dropped his head even lower in obeisance. ‘Please, please share with me.’ ‘Why, Father,’ Carlotta wide-eyed and obviously pleased to see him, ‘it is Signor Sanzionare whom we met on Saturday. You remember?’ ‘Yes. Yes, I remember.’ Smythe made it perfectly clear that he would rather not

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