The Remnant: The Jewish Resistance in WWII

The Remnant: The Jewish Resistance in WWII

Othniel J Seiden

Language: English

Pages: 392

ISBN: 1519496346

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After researching the transcripts of the Nuremburg Trials and interviewing 'The Remnant' or Jewish survivors of the holocaust, many still living in Israel; Othniel Seiden was compelled to write their startling and remarkable stories of World War II. In this stunning and compelling historical novel about the Jews who were able to remain free and fight, Seiden documents their survival, their suffering, their missions and their guerrilla warfare tactics against the Nazi occupation forces. Also, well documented, the tragedy of Kiev and now infamous ravine of Babi Yar where it is thought that nearly a million people, Jews and non-Jews alike were massacred. These brave few escaped the certain death of their co-religionists by acts of bravery and sheer determination to live. The myth that the Jewish people "went to their deaths like sheep to slaughter. . ." is put to rest forever in the stories of "The Remnant."

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hiding, in resistance groups and a few who had succeeded in posing as "Aryans." The DP camps brought all of these Jews together. * * * Since Jewish communities were prevented or discouraged from re forming in postwar Europe and Russia, they began to form in the DP camps. There the universal problem was recognized and out of that universal problem grew a universal Jewish purpose-to open the doors of Palestine and re establish it as their rightful homeland-the Jewish State, Israel. President

brother, father or son taken prisoner. They knew if a loved one were there, he'd be dead in a week or two. Many carried a basket or small bag from which they threw potatoes, turnips or onions over or through the fences. Like feeding animals in a zoo. When the camp first opened the Germans had shot at women for throwing food, killed them, but in time they stopped. They'd come to find it entertaining to watch the starving men fight each other to get at the food. Often one would kill another for a

family was no longer illiterate and it did not seem important for more than one member to learn the skill. In the Rochovit family, Peter had the greatest aptitude, so he'd been chosen to get the education. After Peter finished his education at the church school, the old Priest arranged a scholarship for him at divinity school in Poland, with the understanding that he'd return to his district and follow in the footsteps of his old mentor. Peter went to Poland at age seventeen. At age twenty two,

in the city." "And just who would you ask?" Sosha interjected. "You ask those types of questions of the wrong person and the Germans will come to arrest us all." "She's right," Sol agreed. "It's my problem. I'll find a way." "Maybe we'll hear something," Sosha said. "There's a lot of gossip in the market places. Maybe we'll hear something without asking risky questions." "Good idea," Ivan added. "We should go into town. We'll go today. I want to see some of those Germans anyway. If they won't

"There," she said. "I think that was long overdue!" "Very long overdue," Sol agreed. He kissed her and held her to him for a very long time. "Rachel, Rachel, is it possible that you feel as I do?" "Only if you love me," she said almost teasingly. Again there was a long silence as they held each other and kissed. "Solomon, these are unusual times," she finally said. "It isn't good that we keep our feelings to ourselves. In our lives, where there is so much tragedy and terror-we need to

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