The Puzzled Heart (Kate Fansler Novels)

The Puzzled Heart (Kate Fansler Novels)

Amanda Cross

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0345418840

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kate Fansler's husband, Reed, has been kidnapped--and will be killed unless Kate obeys the carefully delineated directives of a ransom note. Tormented by her own puzzled heart, Kate seeks solace and wise counsel from both old friends and new. But who precisely is the enemy? Is he or she a vengeful colleague? A hostile student? A terrorist sect? The questions mount as Kate searches for Reed--accompanied by her trusty new companion, a Saint Bernard puppy named Bancroft. Hovering near Kate and Bancroft are rampant cruelties and calculated menace. The moment is ripe for murder. . . .

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thinking for the rest of their lives, and maybe for the rest of their children’s lives, and it’s not a philosophy that I as a woman and a liberal find at all comforting. In fact, I fear it. Does that answer your question?” “You’re a bleeding do-gooder.” “Probably,” Kate said, rising. “I’ve never understood why being called a do-gooder should be an insult. Your faith says somewhere that you may hate your neighbor, but if his cart is stuck in the road, you must help him to get it out. That’s an

fine mess you’ve gotten me in,” she said. “Remembering your past, are you?” “Yes, damn it,” Kate said. And told her about Toni. They talked about that for a time, Kate asking again for reassurance that Leslie’s analysis of the situation would turn out to be anywhere near the mark. “It’s just a guess, a supposition, a trial balloon,” Leslie said. Kate could picture her in her studio, perched on a stool with her legs looped around its legs. She often retreated to the studio in the evening to

each of us wrote and all of us read. I can actually connect the people with the papers, even if I can’t come up with their full names. Memory is odd, indeed.” “Any women who hated your guts because you didn’t approve of their views on Jane Eyre, or loathed you for any reason whatever? Or pretended to like you and then turned mean?” “What you don’t seem to recognize, Leslie, is that if they did hate me I didn’t know it or don’t remember it.” “You don’t remember anyone of the female persuasion

to have to leave that to the rest of you, unless you can offer me more than we have now. Our best hope at the moment,” Archie added, “lies in the papers in Toni’s office. They may turn out to be worthless, or they may already have been removed. The police locked off the premises, but they have to give me access. There may be something there that will lead us to the culprit. But I’m not betting on it.” “You don’t sound very optimistic,” Harriet said, in the tone of one noticing the weather.

its fate and followed, slowly and carefully. I was able to creep up behind him and put my gun to his head, just the way Louise did when Thelma was about to be raped in Thelma and Louise. ‘Leave her alone,’ I said. He looked so unconvinced that I shot the damn thing just past him, to make my point. He got the message, and tried to run off, but she tackled him, and I held him there while she went to call the police. One rapist off the park roads, or so we hoped. I rather enjoyed just holding the

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