The Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena

The Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena

Longchen Rabjam

Language: English

Pages: 151


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Aong the works in Longchen Rabjam's famous collection, The Seven Treasuries that commonly known as the Chöying Dzöd concerns the spiritual approach known as trekcho (cutting through solidity), which brings spiritual practitioners of the highest acumen to freedom effortlessly.

The Chöying Dzöd consists of two texts: this book, a set of source verses entitled The Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena, and Longchenpa's own commentary on those verses, A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission.

The original text side-by-side with English translation. 141 pp.

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freed equally, this constitutes the expanse of naturally occurring timeless awareness. Even as they are freed unequally, they are freed within the basic space of their equalness. 1il~~·o~·~·~'?~·::.c~:~c:.·~~·z:~·"-11 ~·~~·iJ~1 1~::. ·~c:.·~·~::. ·~sc:.~·"-3· 1~~~·~c:.·&~·~~~·~sc:.~·"-J·~·~~·iJ~1 1~<2.1. ~c:.·~·~QJ·~sc:.~·QJ·~·~~·iJ~1 1&1·~~&1'?~'z;J'~~·~·~~·z:~·<2.11 ~·s~1 1~::.·z:~~·~~·~·::.c:.·~::.·::.c:.· 1~~~·z:~~·~~·~·::.c:.·~~~·::.c:.·~·s~1 1~<2.1·z:~~·~~·

meditation involves no recollection or thinking. One's nature is unwavering and uncontrived. Unplanned and completely free of the formation of ideas, the true nature of phenomena, the naturally settled state, is without transition or change throughout the three times. The most sublime form of meditation involves no stirring or proliferation of all-consuming thoughts. Any abiding in suchness is the sacred state of mindthe unique state of buddhahood, free of all characterization. 93

sky, wrote this summation of my own experience, together with appropriate scriptural citations, setting it down in accord with the twenty-one transmissions of the Category of Mind, the three sections of the Category of Expanse, and the four sections of the Category of Direct Transmission. By this virtue, may all beings without exception effortlessly reach the primordial ground. May they become spiritual rulers who spontaneously accomplish the two kinds of benefit, dwelling on the level of

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