The Poisoned Pilgrim (US Edition) (A Hangman's Daughter Tale)

The Poisoned Pilgrim (US Edition) (A Hangman's Daughter Tale)

Oliver Pötzsch

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0544114604

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

1666: The monastery at Andechs has long been a pilgrimage destination, but when the hangman’s daughter, Magdalena, her doctor husband Simon, and their two small children arrive there, they learn that the monks have far larger concerns than saying Mass and receiving alms. It seems that once again, the hangman’s family has fallen into a mysterious and dangerous adventure.

Two monks at the monastery experiment with cutting edge technology, including a method of deflecting the lighting that has previously set the monastery ablaze. When one of the monks disappears and his lab is destroyed, foul play is suspected. Who better to investigate than the famed hangman Jakob Kuisl? But as the hangman and his family attempt to solve the mystery of the missing monk, they must deal with both the eccentric denizens of the monastery and villagers who view the monks’ inventions as witchcraft that must be destroyed at all costs.

This thrilling fourth entry of The Hangman’s Daughter series features scheming monks, murderous robots, and the action and intrigue that never seem to cease when the Kuisls are on a case.


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his trail,” she concluded. “He’s probably still down there with them. Please, you must help us!” Leopold von Wartenberg looked at her suspiciously, without a trace of sympathy. “So… a mysterious sorcerer is haunting these passageways,” he finally said smugly. “What in the world do you think this unknown devil is trying to accomplish with his murders?” “We don’t yet know what his plan is,” she replied, “but his victims stood in his way, and they knew something he didn’t want to come to light.”

uncertainly. “An… an angel?” Brother Johannes nodded eagerly. “An angel sent to me to announce Jakob’s coming.” He looked at her earnestly, and suddenly the maniacal expression vanished from his face. “By God,” he whispered. “Your father is the only one who can still save me.” Plumes of smoke rose into the sky above Schongau like the shadows of restless spirits. As he had the day before, Jakob Kuisl sat beside the moat, looking down into the same green water where just a hundred years ago

standing before him. Suddenly Kuisl threw his hood back, and Nepomuk let out a cry. “My God, Jakob,” he gasped. “Is it really you? After all these years? Then my prayers really have been heard.” “If you keep shouting like that, you’ll soon be saying your last prayer,” Kuisl whispered. “For God’s sake, keep quiet before the two idiots out there become suspicious.” Without further explanation, he started murmuring words in a monotone. “Ventram porcinum. Bene exinanies, aceto et sale, postea aqua

hangman laughed. Only to Magdalena’s and Simon’s ears did it sound a bit too loud. “My dear cousin, a priest would climb up onto a manure pile before he’d pay a visit to the homes of dishonorable people like us.” Kuisl pointed to a closed chest along the wall next to the devotional corner. “And now let’s see if you have something to welcome your family. That would really be something to drink to.” A few rays of light escaped through the closed shutters of the knacker’s house, but the person

and was relieved to find it unlocked. One look was enough to assure him he wasn’t mistaken. This was clearly a monk’s cell. The barren, cavernous room contained nothing but a bed, a chest, and a stool alongside a rough-hewn table. Some parchment documents lay on the table next to the wax stub of a candle. Leaning down, Kuisl realized the document was a manifest of purchases made by the monastery, including the costs of wooden beams, nails, bricks and mortar, and a load of stone. A broad grin

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