The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka

The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka

Amorah Quan Yin

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1879181312

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Pleiadian Workbook is a direct transmission from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light--Light beings from the Pleiades--who say it's time now for spiritual growth, ascension, and healing. Through Amorah Quan Yin, we are taught to open our "Ka Channels," which pull energy from our multidimensional, holographic selves into our physical bodies. These galactic healing techniques align us with our divine selves, raise our vibratory rates, and rejuvenate and balance our bodies, while accelerating spiritual evolution and stimulating emotional healing.

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understandings about your inherent worth and purpose deeply within yourself, great change and spiritual progress can happen quickly. Bringing your Higher Self's energy and consciousness into your body, instead of leaving your body to access this consciousness, is a great affirmation of the value and connectedness of your human self to divinity, and a big step in letting go of belief in separation. If you feel "shame of being" and hold onto beliefs that tend to create this shame, it is

belief that the Dark is more powerful than the Light. If by 2013 the entire remaining population of Earth can eliminate these two beliefs and recognize and accept the four spiritual principles mentioned earlier, this planet will be the first ever to accomplish such a spiritual jump. In order for there to be any hope of this great event taking place, between now and 2013 a minimum of—but not limited to—144,000 humans must become enlightened and embody Christ consciousness. When this critical

four to six inches in diameter attaching itself to your second chakra. (See illustration 1b) BOTH MEN AND WOMEN: Follow this grounding cord visually and see it extending into Earth while your consciousness remains in the center of your head. See the cord move through all the layers of Earth until it reaches the center of the planet, where the magnetic core or gravity center is located. You may feel or see the grounding cord simply anchoring and be unable to go any further. 7. Take about

are healing while the person is out of body. The person may need to leave his or her body simply to get out of the way so the healing can take place. A second reason a person may need to be out of body is to go into other dimensions for the purpose of soul retrieval. The third reason is the need for the person to receive either healing of, or a spiritual reference point in, his or her soul's origin and connection with God/Goddess/All That Is. When people leave their bodies for this third reason,

and her friendship. Her fresh viewpoint in the preliminary editing phase, responsiveness and availability in the last-minute crunch to assist with the illustrations, and overall spiritual selflessness are greatly respected and appreciated. After all the horror stories I had heard about publishers' deadlines, pressure, lack of sensitivity, and unreasonable contracts, I can say that my experiences with Barbara and Gerry Clow at Bear & Company have been just the opposite. Barbara and Gerry are

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