The Omen Machine (Richard and Kahlan)

The Omen Machine (Richard and Kahlan)

Terry Goodkind

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0765366193

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An accident leads to the discovery of a mysterious machine that has rested hidden deep underground for millennia. The machine awakens to begin issuing a series of increasingly alarming, if minor, omens. The omens turn out to be astonishingly accurate, and ever more ominous. As Zedd tries to figure out how to destroy the sinister device, the machine issues a cataclysmic omen involving Richard and Kahlan, foretelling an impending event beyond anyone's ability to stop.

As catastrophe approaches, the machine then reveals that it is within its power to withdraw the omen…in exchange for an impossible demand.

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inherited them from his mother. She thought that this one had to be something like that. Just a bad headache. That thought actually made her feel better. She glanced down again at the angry red scratches on her arm. It concerned her to see that the wounds that had healed had not only returned but looked to have gotten worse. The arm felt a bit stiff, too, from being swollen. Kahlan shivered in pain again. A wave of icy cold swept over her. The pain in her head bore down on her with crushing

true, but not in the way that they sounded. Prophecy is profoundly dangerous in the wrong hands and not intended to be heeded in the way it sounds.” “So, you are saying that we can’t be trusted with knowing our own future?” There was an edge to the queen’s voice. Richard saw the flash of anger Kahlan’s green eyes and answered before she could. “We’re saying that the future is not fixed. You make your own future. If you believe you know the future, then that changes the way you behave, changes

his shirt, “is that the prophecies that seem like they may be saying the same thing use different words. Some say that the roof is going to fall in, but another said that the sky is going to fall in. The roof and the sky aren’t the same thing. Yet those two warnings have something in common: they say that both are going to fall in. And, there’s also a certain commonality to roof and sky.” “Maybe they were meant to be the same thing, but the exact right word was lost in a translation, so the

Throughout history the Garden of Life had been a place where the Lord Rahl, from time to time, had unleashed some of the most powerful magic in existence. It had been a place that on occasion had been a gateway to the underworld itself. Magic was a mystery to most people and therefore greatly feared. Kahlan knew that magic could be glorious, wondrous, a magnificent affirmation of life. But Kahlan knew magic’s other side, its dark and dangerous side. Most people only knew magic as a dark,

ask the questions. “What do you mean it’s backward? What’s backward?” “The symbols in the book,” Richard said. He lifted the book to show Kahlan the emblem on the spine. “This symbol is the same one that’s inscribed on the machine we found. Remember?” “I remember.” Kahlan couldn’t understand what he was getting at. “They’re all the same—the ones on the sides of the machine, the one on the first page of the book, and that one on the spine. If they’re all the same then they must have been

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