The Novel 100: A Ranking of the Greatest Novels of All Times

The Novel 100: A Ranking of the Greatest Novels of All Times

Daniel S Burt

Language: English

Pages: 625

ISBN: 0816078602

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Which novels are truly great, and why? The Novel 100, Revised Edition is a unique reference that profiles great novels drawn from all cultures and periods of literature. Each entry provides a plot summary and assessment of a particular novel, with an emphasis on facts about the novel's creation, critical reception, and contribution to literary history.

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who lived among the cannibals,” Melville ventured beyond a straightforward “narrative of facts” for romantic fancy and metaphysical speculation in Mardi (1849). The result baffled his dwindling audience, and Melville reluctantly returned to documentary narratives based on his first voyage to Liverpool in Redburn (1849) and his few weeks’ service in the U.S. Navy in White-Jacket (1850), dismissed by the writer as “two jobs, which I have done for money—being forced to it, as other men are to sawing

of why each work is important as well as what each is about, along with some biographical and literary historical context to aid your own evaluation. The intention has been to stimulate greater appreciation of the literary achievement so clearly on display. xiv+626_novel100.indd xiii 5/17/10 1:43:11 PM xiv+626_novel100.indd xiv 5/17/10 1:43:12 PM 1 DON QUIXOTE (1605, 1615) by Miguel de Cervantes What is prodigious about Don Quixote is the absence of art, and that perpetual infusion of

a linear narrative for a multivocal approach beginning in the limited and confused perspective of the severely retarded Benjy, “since I felt that it would be more effective as told by someone capable only of knowing what happened, but not why.” After completing Benjy’s version of the Compson story, Faulkner explained, “I saw that I had not told the story that time. I tried to tell it again, the same story through the eyes of another brother. That was still not it. I told it for the third time

Stranger is unmistakable. The Red and the Black is one of the paradigm-shifting books in literary history that helps introduce its readers to the modern world and to themselves. xiv+626_novel100.indd 136 5/17/10 1:43:39 PM 30 TRISTRAM SHANDY (1760–67) by Laurence Sterne Recently I took another glance at Sterne’s Tristram which, at the time that I was a miserable student, had caused much sensation in Germany. With the years my admiration has increased and is still increasing; for who in

various manifestations, embody multiple opposite character types—artist and bureaucrat, introvert and extrovert, relativist and dogmatist. Their sister, Issy, is the provocative, divisive female, in contrast to her peacemaking, nurturing mother. Joyce, therefore, cycles through myth and history, as he did in Ulysses, through the relationships and confl icts in the life of an archetypal Irish family. In Joyce’s version of the collective unconscious, the Earwickers are an aspect of a grand human

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