The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. 2; The Romantic Period through the Twentieth Century

The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. 2; The Romantic Period through the Twentieth Century

Language: English

Pages: 3023


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Read by millions of students over seven editions, The Norton Anthology of English Literature remains the most trusted undergraduate survey of English literature available and one of the most successful college texts ever published.

Firmly grounded by the hallmark strengths of all Norton Anthologies―thorough and helpful introductory matter, judicious annotation, complete texts wherever possible―The Norton Anthology of English Literature has been revitalized in this Eighth Edition through the collaboration between six new editors and six seasoned ones. Under the direction of Stephen Greenblatt, General Editor, the editors have reconsidered all aspects of the anthology to make it an even better teaching tool.

The Recruiter

Costume in the Comedies of Aristophanes

The Classical Tradition: Art, Literature, Thought

Free Air

History of the Hobbit
















lost in the mire By little whimpering boy, with rueful face; Come, Muse; and sing the dreaded Washing-Day. Ye who beneath the yoke of wedlock bend, With bowed soul, full well ye ken° the day know Which week, smooth sliding after week, brings on Too soon;—for to that day nor peace belongs Nor comfort;—ere the first gray streak of dawn, The red-armed washers come and chase repose, Nor pleasant smile, nor quaint device of mirth, E'er visited that day: the very cat, From the wet kitchen scared, and

passion, and corrosive care, Bid all thy fairy colors fade away! Another May new buds and flowers shall bring; Ah! why has happiness—no second Spring? 1784 To Sleep Come, balmy Sleep! tired nature's soft resort! On these sad temples all thy poppies shed; And bid gay dreams, from Morpheus'0 airy court, Greek god of sleep Float in light vision round my aching head! 5 Secure of all thy blessings, partial0 Power! friendly On his hard bed the peasant throws him down; And the poor sea boy, in the

GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS (1844-1889) God's Grandeur 1516 1507 1513 xx / CONTENTS The Starlight Night 1516 As Kingfishers Catch Fire 1517 Spring 1517 The Windhover 1518 Pied Beauty 1518 Hurrahing in Harvest 1519 Binsey Poplars 1519 Duns Scotus's Oxford 1520 Felix Randal 1520 Spring and Fall: to a young child 1521 [Carrion Comfort] 1521 No worst, there is none 1522 I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day 1522 That Nature Is a Heraclitean Fire 1523 Thou art P R I C E : ON THE LOVE OF O U R COUNTRY / 149 All four writers in this section are concerned with the same questions: justification of hereditary rule, ownership of property, interpretation of the English constitution, and the "rights of men"—and women—in things such as (in Price's words) "liberty of conscience in religious matters," the "right to resist power when abused," the "right to chuse our own governors; to cashier them for misconduct; and to frame

and our privileges, in the same manner in which we enjoy and transmit our property and our lives. The institutions of policy, the goods of fortune, the gifts of Providence, are handed down, to us and from us, in the same course and order. Our political system is placed in a just correspondence and symmetry with the order of the world, and with the mode of existence decreed to a permanent body composed of transitory parts; wherein, by the disposition of a stupendous wisdom, moulding together the

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