The Mirror's Tale: A Further Tales Adventure (Further Tales Adventures)

The Mirror's Tale: A Further Tales Adventure (Further Tales Adventures)

P. W. Catanese

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1416912517

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Everyone has heard the story -- the dwarves, the talking mirror, the evil witch. But this tale doesn't belong to Snow White anymore....

Bert and Will, the twin sons of the baron of Ambercrest, are best friends. They do everything together and can't help it if trouble just seems to...find them. But the baron is fed up and has decided that separation will keep them out of mischief. One twin, he proclaims, will stay in Ambercrest for the summer, while the other will be sent to The Crags -- a foreboding, rocky outpost on the edge of the kingdom.

It is there, hidden in a forbidden black chamber, that one of the boys discovers a bejeweled and mysterious mirror. What is the precious object? And why does it make him feel so...powerful? Soon the twins' kinship is replaced by dark magic and deceit, and a kingdom hangs dangerously in the balance. What becomes of one who is ruled by the forces of evil? And can brotherly love conquer a consuming quest for power?

Luthor Huss (Warhammer Heroes)

Captain's Fury (Codex Alera, Book 4)

Rampant (Killer Unicorns, Book 1)

The Doctor is Sick


















“You will be our prisoner. Until our work is done. Then we debate. Whether it is safe to let you go.” Parley decided for the moment to ignore the question of his fate, and what would happen if it wasn’t safe to release him. “Your work, you say? What kind of work? Mining for silver? Gold? Gemstones?” The Dwergh scowled. “We are not here for those things. Not this time. But that is not for me to say or you to know.” Parley raised his palms. “Fine, fine,” he said. “I’m in no position to argue.

and shrugged. Will awoke that night, flailing under his blanket. Something was pinching his nostrils closed. His eyes focused on Bert, grinning down at him. “What’s the matter with you?” Will said after he swatted Bert’s hand away. “Do you know how hard it is to wake you up?” “I couldn’t sleep at all for a while,” Will muttered. “I kept thinking about Margaret. What did you get me up for, anyway?” “I think I know what Father and Smelly Ed were talking about.” Will ground his knuckles into

brushed against his leg. His uncle groped for him. Bert stepped back as the hand clutched at the air. Touch the potion to his lips, the mirror said. Bert gulped. Uncle Hugh groaned, put his palms to the floor, and pushed, trying to raise himself. But one arm collapsed, and he rolled over onto his back, blinking away the pain. Bert saw his chance. He darted in and tipped the bottle. Most of it vanished into Uncle Hughs beard, but some went between his parted lips. A moment later his uncles eyes

his face toward the sound, and stared with his mouth stuck in that open position. “What’s your name, sir?” Will asked. “Gunther,” came the reply, weak and distracted. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed nervously. Will remembered the tone his father took when he wanted something done right away. He puffed his chest and did his best impersonation. “Gunther, I am Will Charmaigne, son of Baron Charmaigne and nephew of Lord Charmaigne. You must take me to The Crags, on that horse.

everything!” I cannot see this. There is a cloak across the boy. Something hides him from my sight. Bert looked at the mirror. Dark ripples spread across its face. Its voice had always been so cool and silky, so confident. But just then, he thought he’d heard something different. Was it … fear? Uncle Hugh raised his hands. His fingers curled up like a dying flower. His fists shook, and his breath hissed in and out through his teeth. The beasts lifted their horned heads and stared at him. “If

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