The Meaty Truth: Why Our Food Is Destroying Our Health and Environment—and Who Is Responsible

The Meaty Truth: Why Our Food Is Destroying Our Health and Environment—and Who Is Responsible

Neal D. Barnard, Shushana Castle, Amy-Lee Goodman

Language: English

Pages: 346


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Author note: Forward by Neal D. Barnard

The Meaty Truth is an eye-opening look at the massive problems caused by the American population's food supply. Water, meat, and milk and other dairy products are filled with toxins, antibiotics, untested growth hormones, ammonia, and animal pus and manure. The current conditions of the food production industry must drastically improve, and until they do, it is absolutely vital to monitor what you eat. Castle and Goodman take a hard-hitting look at what America is putting into its food, the negative effects this has on the world, and the best ways to make healthy, informed decisions about eating.

As the antibiotic age ends, the rise of pandemic diseases is approaching. Approximately half of the illnesses that claim American lives today are related to what we eat, and our health-care system is focused on treating the sick, not preventing illnesses from occurring. To fix our health problems, to continue feeding the world's ever-growing population, and to save our planet from ecological destruction, we can no longer avoid making changes to how American meat and dairy are produced. This guide is easy to read, applicable to anyone's lifestyle, and impossible to put down.

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the water, which causes more plants and algae to grow.56 This is called eutrophication. When eutrophication happens, desirable fish species are replaced by less desirable species and algae, which feed on the oxygen, causing economic costs to fisherman, shifts and drastic changes in aquatic habitats, production of toxins that cause harmful algae, clogged irrigation canals, and death—both for aquatic habitats and fish.57 The Pagan River in North Carolina, which runs by a Smithfield Foods hog

promoted the benign health effects of MSG to Congress cited four studies. Turns out two of these studies didn’t exist and the other two studies were incomplete.3 And yet, the FDA still allows this known health hazard into our food supply. In fact, the FDA allows about three hundred foods to have secret ingredients—meaning the food companies are not required to specify them on the labels. It is high time we rethink how our food is produced. 80 Let’s take a brief look at a small sample of some of

corporations are allowed to set rules that harm animals, ruin our health, and destroy the environment. The problem is that the corporations are already failing us. Technology: Friend or Foe? Technological innovation does not always equal a better world. Bombs and warfare might be considered technological progress, but that doesn’t mean they create a peaceful world. In fact, we view them as threats rather than as peacemakers. Similarly, factory farms might seem like progress, but they are in fact

hormones to raise animals at faster rates, and waste management to truck away the billions of tons of manure generated by the animals. This doesn’t include the amount of destruction left in factory farming’s wake from the cost of cleaning up polluted water, 164 the irreversible loss of biodiversity and beautiful ecosystems, air pollution, global warming, and the destruction of our natural environment as well as the staggering health-care costs to fix our bodies from eating unhealthy food.

advertising claims by the dairy industry, our bodies do not need and are not made to drink cow’s milk. On top of it all, dairy cows are given growth hormones to produce more milk, which often gives them an infection called mastitis. Mastitis produces pus that lands in our dairy products.32, 33Let’s be clear here: we drink the pus. The shocking truth is the USDA regulations allow pus into our food products. This is not only extremely gross but unhealthy. Once the mothers’ bodies give out from

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